Fathers and daughters enjoy an incredible night of dinner and dancing


Lili Jordan '23

Fathers and daughters unite for the annual Father Daughter Dinner Dance.

The Sacred Heart Greenwich athletic facility became a Pixar palace for the annual Father-Daughter Dinner Dance November 6.  Father-daughter duos spent a night filled with music and dancing and the traditional performance from the Dadrigals.  Seniors Lindsay Benza and Caterina Pye, along with their fathers, Mr. Phil Benza and Mr. Walter Pye, commented on how the Father-Daughter Dance, especially the Dadrigals performance, contributes to the unique traditions of Sacred Heart Greenwich.

Upon their arrival, fathers and daughters went to Salisbury Hall to pose for professional photographs to commemorate the evening.  Then it was off to the Dubois Gym, which featured tables decorated with Pixar movie themes and characters.  Music filled the air and dancers filled the floor.  The evening’s highlight for daughters and dads was when the Dadrigals took to the risers.  The Dadrigals performance showcased skits and four songs, “Hello Seniors,” “Senior Girl,” “That’s Life As A Senior Dad,” and “For Good.”

The athletic facility transformed for the Father Daughter Dinner Dance, decorated in accordance with this years theme Pixar.  Lili Jordan ’23

Mr. Benza discussed his experience being a part of the Dadrigals and how much it has meant to him to be able to participate this year after watching it for the last three.  He believes the opportunity is incredibly unique and showcases a father’s love for his daughter.

“I think the dance is special because it allows us the chance to really bond with our daughters, and that night is so meaningful because it shows them how much we care for them,” Mr. Benza said.  “We have been putting in so much time and effort for this performance over the last six weeks and it has really been a blast.  I didn’t know that I could perform and sing before this and the chance to connect with the other fathers and to develop friendships with them has been so fun.”

Lindsay elaborated on why the dance is important to her.  She believes the evening is special because it allows fathers and daughters to spend quality time together.

“The Father-Daughter Dance is so enjoyable because as seniors, we have very busy lives that are consumed with schoolwork and extracurriculars, which make it difficult to get quality time with our dads,” Lindsay said.  “Having this dedicated time to spend with my dad where we can simply enjoy each other’s company is very important to me.”

Caterina discussed her how, as a senior, this night has become even more memorable to her.  She also commented on her excitement for the Dadrigals performance.

The Dadrigals perform for their senior daughters. Courtesy of Lindsay Benza ’23. (Lindsay Benza ’23)

“Every year we witness the Dadrigals performance but it is very special as a Senior because we have been attending these dances for a very long time but this year the dads are performing to our class and that is what makes it such an incredible moment,” Caterina said.  “I think everyone’s favorite part about the dance is their performance and everyone looks forward to it because it is really fun to see your dads in a new environment performing for you.”

Mr. Pye commented on how the Dadrigals and this dance represent what it means to be part of the Sacred Heart community.  He believes what makes this community so exceptional is the atmosphere it creates built from Sacred Heart’s core values, which encourage inclusivity for everyone.

“Sacred Heart prioritizes developing incredible women.  Women who are strong, brilliant, and independent, yet are caring, empathetic, appreciative and eager to give back.  Sacred Heart prioritizes family values and good character,” Mr. Pye said. “Dadrigals and the Father-Daughter Dance is a celebration of all this, and more.  It’s fathers showing how much they’ve learned from their daughters, and how proud we are.  It’s daughters anticipating a celebration of their relationship with their fathers.  Putting aside all the noise of life and focusing on family and this special bond.”

Featured Image by Lili Jordan ’23