Guide to Greenwich – Flower Shops


Ana Patricio '24

Even during the winter season, flower shops provide customers with colorful bouquets.

For this edition of Guide to Greenwich, I delved into four local flower shops, searching for the most captivating and aromatic bouquet.

Green of Greenwich

Green of Greenwich works with its clients to design custom floral arrangements.  Ana Patricio ’24

My first destination was Green of Greenwich in Greenwich, Connecticut.  Although a relatively new location, the design studio welcomes customers seeking floral design classes or services for small and large-scale events.  As I entered the studio, a vast display of greenery greeted me through the windows.

As the Green of Greenwich’s owner, Mrs. Flavia Barker, escorted me into the spacious studio, I noted the tall ceilings and oil paintings that peered over the flowers.  The space was divided into stations.  One corner was the design station, while the other hosted different bouquets inside modern vases.  Additionally, the shop was not overwhelmingly colorful, and the simple interior design balanced out the greenery.  Mrs. Barker worked with me to create an arrangement that suited my needs.  While we discussed the different floral designs, she offered complimentary drinks and cookies.  Green of Greenwich emphasizes the significance of client service, according to

McArdle’s Floral & Garden Design

My next destination was McArdle’s Floral & Garden Design in Greenwich.  The shop’s exterior was just as appealing as its interior, with large windows displaying the luscious greens inside.  Since 1910, McArdle’s Floral & Garden Design has been the oldest family business in Greenwich.  For over 100 years, the company has provided Greenwich and surrounding cities with bright floral arrangements, indoor plants, outdoor plants, garden supplies, and gifts, according to

McArdle’s Floral & Garden Design sells interior and exterior floral arrangements.  Ana Patricio ’24

Red hearts and pink ribbons festively decorated the store for Valentine’s Day.  The captivating aroma followed me throughout the store as I explored the different bouquets and products on display.  The staff was bright and helpful, guiding me throughout the studio.  Although McArdle’s has a wide variety of flower species, they also sell different vases and tools to assist customers in their gardening experiences.  Overall, I enjoyed my experience at McArdle’s Floral & Garden Design.  However, the festive decorations clashed with the array of colors from the bouquets.

Winston Flowers

Winston Flowers displays modern arrangements.   Ana Patricio ’24

Lastly, I made my way to Winston Flowers in Greenwich.  At the bottom of Greenwich Avenue, the shop is popular among flower lovers.  Winston Flowers is a family-owned company with two state-of-the-art floral design studios in Boston, Massachusetts, and New York City, New York, and four retail shops in Massachusetts and Greenwich.  The company strives to make every individual feel special, seeking to create floral designs that allow people to communicate what words cannot, according to

As I walked in, I noted the dim lighting inside the store.  The lack of light deprived the bouquets of their color, but accentuated the depth of the plants that embellished the walls.  Winston Flowers is smaller than the other flower shops I visited, but the store makes use of each corner.  Unlike the other shops, Winston Flowers has a distinctly dark aesthetic.  Typically, flower shops complement the bright colors of their flowers, so I found it interesting that Winston Flowers’ atmosphere differs from the others.  Overall, I enjoyed my experience at Winston Flowers.  However, they did not offer an array of flowers as extensive as the other shops.


After visiting three different flower shops in Greenwich, I concluded that McArdle’s Floral & Garden Design was the most inviting flower shop and Green of Greenwich had the finest customer service.  McArdle’s Floral & Garden Design had an extensive collection of floral designs and bouquets, but the extensive store size interfered with the relationship between the customer and the flower specialists.  However, Green of Greenwich’s spacious studio enhanced my shopping experience due to their focus on client service.

Featured Image by Ana Patricio ’24