“Humans of the Sacred Heart” – Teresa Filicetti ’26


Why did you join the ice hockey team?

“I joined the ice hockey team because it combined two sports I already loved.  I play field hockey and skated for years, so I figured ice hockey would be a perfect fit.  I always loved watching my brother play, and I thought this was my chance to try the sport finally.”

What is your favorite aspect of being a part of a sports team?

“I love the friendships I have developed while on this team.  From upperclassmen who offer to drive me to practice to spending time with the team on and off the ice, I have met so many new people that I otherwise would never have a chance to get to know.  The atmosphere is constantly positive and exciting.  There is definitely no lack of energy.”

What do you find most challenging about the sport?

“The biggest challenge in ice hockey is all the different aspects necessary to play the sport.  Not only stick-handling but skating is a huge part of the game.  It is unlike lacrosse or field hockey, where you already know how to run and only need to learn how to use the stick.  Skating is very difficult, and although I have fallen too many times to count, I know I have improved throughout the season.”

The King Street Chronicle thanks freshman Teresa Filicetti ’26 for her contributions to “Humans of Sacred Heart.”