“Humans of the Sacred Heart” – Anne Finn ’23


As this school year’s Vice President, what is your favorite aspect of your position?

“As this year’s Vice President, I have enjoyed continuing the tradition of Compliment Tuesday during morning meetings.  Compliment Tuesday is an excellent way for our community to celebrate kindness.  I believe that calling attention to our peers starts our week off positively and, hopefully, makes people happy.  Compliment Tuesday is also an excellent way for us to express our gratitude towards classes and teachers that have been supporting us.  I always love to read about the incredible things our Upper School students do for one another.  I hope Compliment Tuesday continues in the years to come.”

What advice would you give to future Vice Presidents?

“Advice I would give future Vice Presidents would be to listen.  As a student council member, I’ve learned that a big part of the responsibility is to listen to fellow student council members and peers for their suggestions.  Everyone has excellent ideas for the school year, so I think it’s the Vice President’s job to take those ideas and bring them to the broader student council meetings.  Additionally, I think a part of the position is offering help to other student council members to ensure the school year runs smoothly.  I advise future Vice Presidents to listen to others and be confident in themselves.”

What will you miss most about student council next year?

“I will definitely miss the girls in the student council the most next year because we have been working hard together to create fun and exciting activities for the Upper School.  I will also miss student council morning meetings and planning events throughout the year.  On the other hand, the past two years in the student council have strengthened my confidence and problem-solving skills, so I am thankful to have gained skills that will support me in the future.  Overall, I’ll miss being a part of the Sacred Heart student council next year.”

The King Street Chronicle thanks senior Anne Finn ’23 for her contributions to “Humans of Sacred Heart.”