World Language Week: Korean


Ana López del Punta '23

The King Street Chronicle celebrates World Language Week with students’ work in different languages.

For this year’s World Language Week, Sacred Heart Greenwich students shared their work in French, Korean, Arabic, Spanish, and Portuguese.  Freshman Arianna Chin composed a poem entitled “Flowing Time” in Korean.


흐르는 시간 by Arianna Chin

아기 소녀가 드디어 걸어갔다

리본을 머리에 달고 매일 걸어갔다

아침들이 흘고 지나갔다

나비 처럼 언제 하늘로 날아가겠다



The baby girl finally walked,

And she walked with a ribbon in her hair everyday.

The mornings passed by.

Like a butterfly, one day, she will fly to the sky.


The King Street Chronicle thanks freshman Arianna Chin ’26 for her contribution. 

Featured Image by Ana López del Punta ’23