Jadamarie Henry '25

Jadamarie credits her mother’s kindness and support with helping her develop morality and fortitude.

Ms. Andrean Russell

Jadamarie identified her mother’s strength and selflessness as a guiding force in her life.

“Although I may sound like every other teenage girl, one of my biggest female role models is my mom.  At times I may not see it or believe it, but my mom has always been my biggest supporter and has always backed me up one hundred and ten percent.  I’ve watched her persevere through the most difficult challenges and hardest periods of time.  Somehow she continues to come out unbroken and unfazed.  Time after time again my mom continues to put others before herself.  Lots of people will preach about ‘family first,’ but my mom proves it to me and my family with every selfless action she performs.  My mother is one of the greatest female role models in my life because the greatness of her character draws not only my attention but the attention of everyone around her, which is how I strive to present myself.  Not only do I hope to uphold such great character and class as my mom, but I also hope for it to be noticed, appreciated, and admired, just as I view my mom.”

Featured Image by Jadamarie Henry ’25