This year’s spring musical is de-lovely


Somers High School junior Matthew Crowley and Sacred Heart senior Nicolette Brusco refer to the script during a scene in Anything Goes. Izzy Sio ’16


Somers High School junior Matthew Crowley and Sacred Heart senior Nicolette Brusco refer to the script during a scene in Anything Goes. Izzy Sio ’16

As winter draws to a close, Convent of the Sacred Heart welcomes the return of spring with the lively musical production of Anything Goes.
Written by Cole Porter, Anything Goes is set in the 1920s aboard the ocean liner S.S. American. It tells the story of the tangled love lives of nightclub singer Reno Sweeney and stockbroker Billy Crocker.  Billy stows away on the S.S. American to be with his true love, debutante Hope Harcourt, who is engaged to Lord Evelyn Oakleigh. With the help of a few passengers, including two criminals, Reno also finds love in unexpected ways.
Ms. Nancy Maloy, Director of Upper School Theatrical Productions, is at the helm of the American theater classic. Mr. David Baranowski is the production’s musical director. 

“We haven’t had a big dance show in a while and I wanted to introduce people to Cole Porter,” Ms. Maloy said.  “Cole Porter is an American treasure.”
Anything Goes, a dance-centered comedy, contrasts with last fall’s historical drama The Diary of Anne Frank

“With Anne Frank, we tried to bring realism to the stage with historical accuracy,” Ms. Maloy said.  “Anything Goes is a stylistic musical filled with satire.  They couldn’t be any more opposite.”
Despite the difference in subject matter, both productions require a taxing rehearsal schedule. The actors have been rehearsing since the end of winter break. On week nights, the rehearsals sometimes last until 8:00 pm and weekly Saturday rehearsals can last up to five hours.
The Sacred Heart production of Anything Goes brings its audience the addition of four boys in both lead and choral parts. Last year’s spring musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat did not feature any boys in the cast.
This musical is the first Sacred Heart production for Tristan Parillo, a senior at Somers High School.  Tristan plays Lord Evelyn Oakleigh, the wealthy British fiance to Hope Harcourt.
Tristan says that the cast has really welcomed him to the Sacred Heart community.
“It’s quite nice,” Tristan said.  “I enjoy the company.  They’re all friendly, supportive, and I feel really at home.”
Other members of the cast agree that the production has connected them with their classmates.  Junior Pippa Leigh is enjoying  her first production at Sacred Heart.
“It’s been such a great experience to get to know classmates better and have fun while putting on a marvelous production,” Pippa said.
Pippa plays the lead role of Reno Sweeney.

Sacred Heart junior Pippa Leigh, Sacred Heart sophomore Eva Carrasquero, Somers High School junior Matthew Crowley, and Somers High School senior Tristan Parillo rehearse the closing scene of Anything Goes. Izzy Sio ’16

“During the show, she soul-searches and finds out she’s not who she thought she was,” Pippa said.  “She’s much more sensitive than she imagines she could be.”
Somers High School junior Matthew Crowley plays Billy Crocker.  This musical is Matthew’s second Sacred Heart production.  He played Hugo Peabody in Sacred Heart’s 2012 production of Bye Bye Birdie.
Matthew has developed an affinity for Billy Crocker.
“He’s really smooth, and I can really be myself,” Matthew said.
The cast of Anything Goes maintains the show’s Broadway roots with classic humor and musical numbers.

“It’s a very traditional Broadway show with exciting numbers,” Pippa said.  “It also has countless jokes that will leave the crowd laughing throughout the show.”
The cast’s camaraderie has contributed to the making of the production, helping to provide a memorable experience for everyone.

“If I could sum it up in a word,” Matthew said, “it would be ‘de-lovely.'”
– Izzy Sio, Staff Writer