“Humans of the Sacred Heart” – Ella Ehrlich ’24


What inspired you to get involved in scientific research?

“I have always loved science classes growing up and learning how things work, so I knew that the Science Research elective would be a right fit for me.  Although you have to follow a set curriculum about a subject in a typical science class, Science Research allows you to dive into whatever topics interest you.  For example, I knew that I was passionate about genetics, so I began researching and crafting a project proposal that revolved around my topic.  In addition, I participated in the CT STEM fair, where I presented my research proposal and got insights from other scientists in the field.

What is the Regeneron Research Program, and why did you apply?

“The Regeneron Research Program is a summer mentorship program where I will get to do research under scientists and researchers working at Regeneron, a biotechnology company.  I applied to the program because I am interested in science research and wanted to further my knowledge on topics I am passionate about.  I also want to pursue fields of science in the future, so I knew that I wanted to get hands-on experience and learn from professionals.”

What are you most excited to accomplish during your time in the program?

“I am most excited to learn more about how the different domains of science work together.  Since the program focuses on research and working in laboratories, I am excited to learn about what working in a laboratory would look like since I don’t have much experience working in them.  Also, here at Sacred Heart, I have conducted my own research as part of the Science Research Program, so I think this program will be an amazing way to share my ideas and my research with my peers and mentors.”

The King Street Chronicle thanks junior Ella Ehrlich ’24 for her contributions to “Humans of Sacred Heart.”