Thank you, Teachers…Love, the Class of 2023 


Lindsay Benza '23

Teachers inspire and impact members of the Class of 2023.

As the Class of 2023 prepares to exit the gates of King Street as alumnae, they reflect on the lessons and values they have gained from their teachers.  Ms. Ellen Spillane, Upper School Mathematics teacher, Mrs. Christine Gerrity, Co-Director of College Guidance, Mrs. Kerry Bader, Director of Mission Integration, Director of Upper School Community Service and Campus Ministry and Upper School Theology teacher, and Miss Michaela Gorman, Upper School Theatre teacher and Director of Theatrical Productions, have left a meaningful impact on the senior class.

Mrs. Bader works with Upper School students as she leads community service endeavors.  Courtesy of Corbin Callaway ’23

Ms. Spillane has helped her students gain confidence in themselves and their mathematical abilities.  Though it is only Ms. Spillane’s second year at Sacred Heart Greenwich, she has taught her students much more than Pre-calculus and Calculus.  Senior Ella Delaney-Bunning commented on Ms. Spillane’s significance in her success as a math student.

“Her teaching style is perfectly fit to a lot of student’s needs, as she puts in the effort to record and post each one of her lessons in case we miss a class or need to review,” Ella said.  “Being in Ms. Spillane’s math class for the second year in a row has solidified math as my favorite subject.  In college next year I will definitely miss seeing Ms. Spillane calmly work out math equations with her apple pencil and perfect handwriting as we follow along on our guided notes.”

Ella emphasized Ms. Spillane’s care for her students, which has improved Ella’s outlook on math.  It is common for students to feel anxious prior to taking a test, but Ms. Spillane makes her students feel comfortable and supported by leaving words of encouragement on everyone’s assessments.  Ella shared that Ms. Spillane’s patience and kindness have helped her throughout the years.

“Ms. Spillane is one of the most thoughtful and caring teachers I have ever had,” Ella said.  “Before most tests, we each get a personal post-it note of encouragement and compliments, and I’ve kept each one I’ve ever received.  She is easy to talk to and always so patient with our AP class, even if we don’t understand anything or are talking too much.”

Mrs. Gerrity and Mrs. Bader have worked to create a tight-knit school community through their humor and approachability.  These two faculty members strive to minimize the stress of junior and senior year by making themselves available for their students.  Whether somebody has a funny story to share or is searching for advice, Mrs. Gerrity and Mrs. Bader always have their doors open for their students.  Senior Corbin Callaway discussed how these two teachers have enhanced her experience at Sacred Heart.

“Mrs. Bader and Mrs. Gerrity have made my time at Sacred Heart special,” Corbin said.  “I have had the privilege of having both teachers for both my junior and senior years.  Both of their offices have become my safe space and I place I find myself in often. Both teachers have supported me through the ups and downs of high school and have been the shoulder to lean on after a hard day or week.”

Mrs. Gerrity and Mrs. Bader get involved in different activities and opportunities around campus such as the Kairos retreat.  Corbin expressed how these two teachers’ presence and guidance have helped her overcome obstacles and challenges.

“Mrs. Bader and Mrs. Gerrity always remind me to keep my head up and push myself when I do not always believe in myself,” Corbin said.  “In particular, Mrs. Bader and Mrs. Gerrity showed continuous support throughout my Kairos experiences this year as a leader.  They are a constant reminder of what it means to live in the likeness of God.  I will miss Mrs. Gerrity’s butterscotch and our long talks.  I will Mrs. Bader’s snack closet and all the hilarious stories she has told me throughout the years.  I will miss their incredible advice and wisdom when I need it most.”

Miss Gorman directs seniors in the Upper School musical, Anastasia.  Courtesy of Molly Kriskey ’23

Miss Gorman’s direction in the fall plays and winter musicals greatly impacts students, whether they are involved in theater or not.  She demonstrates enthusiasm and eagerness when it comes to helping her students have fun and succeed.  Senior Maddy Abramson highlighted how Miss Gorman has played a significant role in her time at Sacred Heart.

“Miss Gorman is truly one of the greatest teachers,” Maddy said.  “Anyone who can corral a bunch of high schoolers and get them to put on a show deserves some kind of medal.  She is the kindest soul I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting and knowing her has undoubtedly changed the trajectory of my life for the better.”

Featured Image by Lindsay Benza ’23