Senior Superlatives 2023


Olivia Caponiti '23

Check out the senior superlatives of the Class of 2023.

Most likely to become president of the United States:

Kass Morrow

Runner-up: Katie May

Most likely to publish a book:

Maddy Abramson

Runner-up: Daphne Hartch

Most likely to be an Olympic athlete:

Alexandra Bastone

Runner-up: Delfina Gonzalez-Lobo and Olivia Caponiti (tie)

Most likely to marry her high school sweetheart:

Alexandra Bastone

Runner-up: Vivi Caruso

Most likely to work at Sacred Heart Greenwich in the future:

Annie Cornell

Runner-up: Lindsay Benza and Olivia Caponiti (tie)

Most likely to win the lottery but lose the ticket:

Olivia Caponiti

Runner-up: Audrey Ebeling

Most likely to be a famous influencer:

Jackie Franco

Runner-up: Elsa Latrille

Most likely to work on Wall Street:

Laura O’Connor

Runner-up: Kourtney Ulmer and Sinclair Noonan (tie)

Most likely to have a Starbucks drink named after her:

Stefanie Novak

Runner-up: Corbin Callaway and Lindsay Benza (tie)

Most likely to cure a disease:

Kate Nemec

Runner-up: Katie May

Most likely to be a famous comedian:

Isobel Costello

Runner-up: Maggie Sullivan and Laura O’Connor (tie)

Most likely to be late to her own wedding:

Eva Kim

Runner-up: Ines Araujo, Madeline Schwarz, and Sabrina Schwarz (tie)

Featured Image by Olivia Caponiti ’23