Seniors plan to pursue their passion for journalism and filmmaking in college and beyond


Ana Patricio '24

Three seniors aim to pursue media studies in journalism and cinema.

Seniors Jhonni Dixon, Lili Jordan, and Jacqueline (Jackie) Franco will continue their academic careers in college by majoring in Journalism and Film Production.  Throughout their Upper School experiences, these seniors engaged in Sacred Heart Greenwich’s Journalism and Filmmaking and Media Studies programs, which fueled their creative endeavors and inspired them to reach new levels of expression.  As the end of the school year approaches, Jhonni, Lili, and Jackie reflected on how Sacred Heart shaped them into enthusiastic media students who are eager to pursue their passions in college.

Next year, Jhonni will major in Film and Television Production at New York University’s (NYU) Tisch School of the Arts.  Jhonni recalled that she has been interested in all aspects of film since adolescence.  From writing scripts to building her own movie sets, Jhonni yearned for a career in the film industry.  When she enrolled in Sacred Heart’s Media Studies electives, she fueled her passion in a classroom setting.

Jhonni and Lili plan to study film at NYU and CU Boulder, respectively, and Jackie plans to study journalism at USC.  Courtesy of Mr. Kevin Williamson

My Sacred Heart experience has impacted my passion for film by providing me with a community just as passionate as I am,” Jhonni said.  “Filmmaking is all about collaboration, and Sacred Heart did a really good job introducing me to individuals who were willing to work just as hard as I am.”

In addition to her eagerness to extend her knowledge of filmmaking in college, Jhonni also looks forward to immersing herself in a community of other passionate individuals like herself.  Since film and entertainment is a vast, expansive field, Jhonni is excited to broaden her understanding of the industry.  In particular, she looks forward to learning more about the different aspects of her major.

In my field of study, I’m most excited to learn more about the business aspect of the film and entertainment industry,” Jhonni said.  “I am considering minoring in Business of Entertainment, Media, and Technology, where I can take classes about movie marketing, entertainment law, analytics, and the digital economy.”

Contrary to Jhonni’s childhood passion for movies, Lili had little to no interest in filmmaking until she came to Sacred Heart.  Lili credits the hands-on film programs she participated in during Upper School for sparking her love of film, as the school offered many opportunities to get involved with diverse roles in the industry.

“The film program offered so many opportunities to get involved with all of the different aspects of film,” Lili said.  “The program provided me with memorable experiences that have allowed me to be an actor, producer, screenwriter, cinematographer, and director.”

Lili will further her filmmaking career at the University of Colorado Boulder (CU Boulder), where she will study Film Production. She commented that she is grateful to have experienced the Sacred Heart Media Studies program because it became a foundation from which she will continue to build for the rest of her life.

“I credit entirely Sacred Heart’s Filmmaking Program for discovering my love for the art of film,” Lili said.  “The class atmosphere and different aspects of the art I have been taught throughout the years have grown a passion for continuing my education in film and growing more as a storyteller.”

Jackie hopes to integrate the skills she acquired working for the King Street Chronicle at the University of Southern California (USC), where she plans to study Journalism.  In addition to taking Journalism at Sacred Heart, Jackie was also part of the Media Studies program for four years, which initially sparked her interest in media creation and storytelling.  Studying Journalism encouraged Jackie to learn about the creative field in an environment that operated like a real newsroom.  She noted that joining the King Street Chronicle became a turning point in her life when she discovered how well it corresponded with her hobbies and professional goals.

“The field of journalism offers an array of areas to study, from broadcast journalism to written media,” Jackie said.  “The responsibility and influence that journalists have on society also piqued my interest.  I now have a stronger knowledge of the function of a journalist and the potential influence they can have due to my studies at Sacred Heart Greenwich.”

Jackie, Jhonni, and Lili, pictured here with senior Advika Dushyanth, intend to pursue media studies beyond Sacred Heart.  Courtesy of Mr. Kevin Williamson

In addition to exploring their creative abilities through film and Journalism, Jhonni, Lili, and Jackie simultaneously took on leadership roles in their respective media classes.  These seniors made up three of the four Film Festival hosts, enabling them to collaborate and further their film and presentation skills.  Lili identified the annual Film Festivals as some of the most influential memories of her time at Sacred Heart.

Jhonni, Lili, and Jackie are looking forward to applying their innovative storytelling skills in college and beyond.  The three seniors credit Sacred Heart for providing them with a robust foundation for their aspiring careers.  After engaging in journalistic and cinematic courses, Jhonni, Lili, and Jackie emerged with sustaining abilities and memories which they hope to weave into the rest of their careers.

“Media has a huge effect on both people and society as a whole, so I am driven to become a journalist who uses this power to teach, educate, and inspire,”  Jackie said.  “The King Street Chronicle has taught me the values of ethical journalism, and I am committed to upholding these values as I move through college.”

Featured Image by Ana Patricio ’24