Snapchats no longer gone in a snap


Katie Nail ’16

Katie Nail '16
Katie Nail ’16

Say goodbye to the days when snapchats disintegrated in a matter of seconds. A new feature on the popular application allows users to replay one snap every 24 hours. Along with this novel update comes a front-facing flash and additional photo effects.
According to, before the update, snapchats were completely deleted, never to be seen again. The new feature now gives users a second chance to view a photo or video they want to get a closer look at, or one they might have missed.
Tech specialist and blogger Josh Constine’s least favorite part of Snapchat is accidentally opening a video in a public place when the video’s sound is inaudible, according to Snapchat’s replay feature fixes that problem, as it enables him to re-watch the video later that day. However, he also believes that the app has disregarded it’s original pledge: to last for only a short amount of time and to disappear forever.
Snapchat is a popular app among Convent of the Sacred Heart students. There are mixed reactions to the update throughout the Sacred Heart community.
“I think the Snapchat replay button is useful just in case you didn’t see the picture the first time,” junior Bella Libassi said.
Other students believe that the premise of the app has been ignored, since a silly or embarrassing photo can now resurface with a single touch. 
“I don’t see a purpose in having the replay button, it changes the whole app idea,” junior Jessica Hummel said.
Snapchat notifies the person who sent the original snapchat when his or her snap is viewed a second time. 
The change also leaves students worried, as they consider the potential danger of people viewing their snapchats again and perhaps screen-shotting them, the act of taking a quick picture of the snap, and saving it to their phone.
“I think it is good that the app tells you who chooses to view your snapchats again because you should be allowed to know who watched them or who took a screen shot,” freshman Maddie MacLane said.

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-Maddie Caponiti, Staff Writer