Alumnae advice for the class of 2014


Cori Gabaldon ’15


Cori Gabaldon '15
Cori Gabaldon ’15

As the school year comes to a close, the members of the Class of 2014  prepare to leave behind Convent of the Sacred Heart and immerse themselves in new schools, cities and environments. Although this transition from high school to college may seem intimidating, many seniors are relieved to have guidance and advice from former Sacred Heart students who have previously gone through the same process. Members of the class of 2013, alumnae Catherine Considine, Gabby Greig and Kim Benza have a few tips for the senior class. 
Catherine, currently a freshman at Villanova University, describes her first few weeks at college as both challenging and exciting. She explained that when she started her freshman year, she was mostly concerned with meeting new people and making new friends, because she was so used to the close bonds with her classmates at Sacred Heart. 
Catherine suggests buying a doorstop, because it gives the other girls in the dorm a welcoming vibe. She also believes that although the first year will be an adjustment, the most important thing is to go with the flow.
“There will be up’s and down’s, just like any other experience, but there’s no doubt in my mind that you won’t be able to tackle them!” Catherine said. “Have fun, good luck, and remember to stay in touch with all your friends from Sacred Heart. There will always be a special bond between you and your sisters.”

Gabby is currently a freshman at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. She recalls the woes of adjusting to the southern lifestyle, as she did not know what clothes, items and ideas to bring to Texas.
Thus, Gabby advises all future freshman to bring proper attire for their new environments. She suggests that seniors attending a southern school should bring cowboy boots.
“I did not listen to people when they told me I needed cowboy boots because they are very stereotypical with Texas. But trust me, they are needed and used daily, so make sure everyone has a pair or two,”  Gabby said.
Kim, former Editor-in-Chief of the King Street Chronicle, is attending Fordham University in New York City, just 30 minutes away from Greenwich. Although she did not move far from home, Kim emphasizes the need to spend time with friends and family before starting college. She also explains that organization is key in managing the heavy freshman workload.

“I would say that seniors should take the opportunity during the summer to create a checklist for themselves,” Kim said. “Make a list of goals and ways that you are planning on getting out of your comfort zone come September.”
Although adjusting to college life may seem intimidating or difficult, heeding to the alumnae advice promises to ease the transition and help make freshman year as memorable, successful and enjoyable as possible. 

– Cori Gabaldon, Staff Writer