Meet the class presidents

Class presidents in all four grades are ecstatic about their goals and plans for this year. They also want to share a little about themselves.

Sophomore Grace Isford

[es-box color=’styled’]Sophomore Class President: Grace Isford
Years at Sacred Heart: 12 years (except for one year in fourth grade when she attended International School of the Sacred Heart in Tokyo, Japan).
Favorite Part about Sacred Heart: New facilities and an environment of nice and caring people.
On student council before? Yes, class president last year.
Goal: Make the grade closer and make everyone excited to come to school.
Something Special: Class lunches, class bonding activities, and customizing class apparel.
Fun Fact: Has ancestors from Iceland.[/es-box]
Junior Christie Huchro

[es-box color=’styled’]Junior Class President: Christie Huchro
Years at Sacred Heart: 15 years.
Favorite Part about Sacred Heart: Its traditions.
On student council before? No.
Goal: Have as many class bonding experiences as possible to alleviate stress.
Something Special: Class lunches.
Fun Fact: Nationally ranked squash player.[/es-box]
Senior Caroline Kelly

[es-box color=’styled’]Senior Class President: Caroline Kelly
Years at Sacred Heart: 14 years.
On student council before? Yes, treasurer in eighth grade.
Goal: Reduce stress for college by adding fun random surprises.
Something Special: Raffles at class meetings.
Fun Fact: Loves Essie nail polish.[/es-box]
– Emily Hirshorn, Staff Writer