MakerSpace initiative sponsors scientific and artistic learning

An oasis for thinkers, artists and engineers, the MakerSpace joined the Convent of the Sacred Heart’s library this summer. With a collection of 3D printers and an entire robotics station, the Space inspires creativity in both teachers and students throughout the school. 

Juniors Avery Juan and Tracey Hagan diligently work on problem solving on the Arduino boards in Principles of Computing Courtesy of Mrs. Elizabeth Fernandez

The MakerSpace is a room created for students and faculty to have the opportunity to explore computer programming, 3D printing, robotics and computer arts. The idea was developed by the educational technology and library departments to make an environment that encourages problem solving, creative thinking, teamwork and design.
Although the Upper School was the first to use the space through their 3D Printing club, the Lower and Middle School followed their lead by creating the Lego Robotics Team. The Space is now home to both clubs, and is used by students of all ages.
“The MakerSpace has been a great environment for our club. It’s great to have an efficient workplace with an entire area devoted to 3D printing,” junior and co-head of the 3D Printing club Madeleine Henry said.
In addition, the Space is open to faculty as well as students. The Center for Research Teaching and Learning, a regularly meeting group of Sacred Heart faculty members, will utilize the space to discuss what is on the forefront of teaching.
Mr. Karl Haeseler, Director of Educational Technology and Upper School Computer Teacher, plans for computer science students to explore computer programming using a platform called Arduino, one of the many facilities offered in the Space.
“It’s been a great conversation starter and provided the computer science, engineering and programming initiatives a visual home, right in the center of our academic life,” Mr. Haeseler said.