Staff Editorial: Like a Sacred Heart girl


Emily Hirshorn ’15

Like a girl.
This phrase is the premise of Convent of the Sacred Heart’s new advertising campaign. When you enter the library, or walk through the school, you may see several different variations of this new hallmark. All the posters highlight Sacred Heart girls as critical thinkers, inventors, and learners.
This campaign is creative and captures many aspects of the Sacred Heart identity through the various versions of like a girl posters.

Emily Hirshorn '15
Emily Hirshorn ’15

Sacred Heart girls are motivated, hard-working, and passionate about all they do. The five graphics, drive like a girl, play like a girl, invent like a girl, think like a girl, and see like a girl, reflect the wide array of involvement of students in our community.
I applaud the efforts of the campaign to capture aspects of the Sacred Heart identity. However, I think the picture is incomplete. This campaign has the capacity to expand the mantras to include other aspects of life at Sacred Heart.
The depth and breadth of talent each individual in our community possesses is indeed impressive. The campaign could be broadened to include new categorizations. What about, debate like a girl, sing like a girl, row like a girl, or problem-solve like a girl?
We should also highlight Goal One, which is is a personal and active faith in God, by creating posters that say pray like a girl and serve like a girl.
We can even revolutionize the like a girl phrase by making it our own. Students at Sacred Heart are more than just any girls. We are children of the Sacred Heart, and we should be proud of that. Let’s make the mottolike a Sacred Heart girl, because our faith sets us apart and defines our unique identity as part of the network of schools around the world.
As for me, I will continue to write like a Sacred Heart girl.
– Emily Hirshorn, Opinions Editor