Humans of Sacred Heart – Alexa Harris


Alexa Harris '18
“All we needed was one goal to tie it up, just one goal. My coach finally put me in the game, and I vividly remember the amount of anxiety that I had coursing through me. I almost couldn’t breathe. As I subbed in, I saw the Darien girl dribbling the ball up the right side straight towards me. My intensity kicked into high gear and I positioned myself for the block tackle. She kept coming at me, but when she tried to pull the ball right she missed and over ran the ball. Reacting quickly I pushed the ball slightly in front of me up the field and I dribbled all the down the sideline pulling the ball to avoid the occasional defender. I brought the ball down all the way to the top of the circle and then I looked up while still moving my feet. I saw my teammate open toward the left post, and made a quick push pass. She quickly slapped the ball. And then I heard it: the bang. The bang that the field hockey ball makes when it hits the back of the goal. I couldn’t even believe it. Though I wasn’t the one who scored the goal, and in the end we lost the game when Darien scored in the last ten minutes, I’ll never forget that moment. It was not only the first time my coach gave me any recognition, but it is also where my field hockey start began.”
The King Street Chronicle thanks freshman Alexa Harris for her contributions to “Humans of Sacred Heart.”
Compiled by Sarah Jackmauh and Alice Millerchip, Content Editors