A festival to remember


A lower schooler picks a pumpkin at the Fall Family Festival October 18. Elizabeth Bachmann ’17

Pumpkin decorating, face painting, and pig racing were among the many attractions offered to Convent of the Sacred Heart students, family, and friends at the school’s annual Fall Family Festival October 18.
The Parents’ Association has sponsored and organized the event since 1996 when the Fall Festival was originally called the Pumpkin Party. The festival includes a plethora of autumn-themed carnival games and festive foods.
Co-Chairs of the Fall Family Festival, Mrs. Lauren Nardis and Mrs. Lisetta Ukperaj, worked alongside student volunteers to make the day lively and enjoyable for the families. 
“It’s a big event, and you have to be very organized for this day to be a success,” Mrs. Nardis said.
This year, groups of paint-splattered children surrounded the Spin Art station, one of the festival’s most frequented activities. 
“I think Spin Art is the most fun station for the kids because it is very artistic and allows them to express themselves,” senior and volunteer at the festival Caitlan Fealing said.
Students could also show off their dance moves during the hula hoop competition. Sacred Heart girls battled to be the “hula queen” while dancing to popular tunes that echoed from the DJ booth.
The pig racing station also captivated students as they cheered on their favorite pig. The object of the game was to predict the winner out of eight Mr. Bacon Walking Pigs. After each child selected a pig, the race began, and the champion won a prize of their choosing.
“The pig race is my favorite activity by far because the kids get so excited,” Mrs. Nardis said. 

A lower schooler picks a pumpkin at the Fall Family Festival October 18.  Elizabeth Bachmann '17
A Lower School student picks a pumpkin at the Fall Family Festival October 18.
Elizabeth Bachmann ’17

When families were not participating in the carnival games, they enjoyed a barbecue prepared by Sacred Heart chefs on the front lawn. Head of School, Mrs. Pamela Juan Hayes, also rolled up her sleeves to help dish out the food.
Both Mrs. Nardis and Mrs. Ukperaj believe that the festival would not have been possible without all of the volunteers. Senior Emily O’Sullivan has been involved in the festivities since her freshman year.
“It may be a lot of work,” Emily said. “But it pays off because it’s so much fun for the kids. They can come to one place and do all different fall activities. I think it is really special for them.”
While making the Fall Family Festival a success is a difficult job, Mrs. Nardis and Mrs. Ukperaj believe that the joy they recieve from it is well worth their hard work.
“Although the atmosphere is targeted toward the lower school, the face paint, Spin Art, music, and games are really quite family focused,” Mrs. Nardis said. “We try to make everything really fun and interactive for the whole community.”
– Elizabeth Bachmann, Staff Writer