Welcome winter sports captains


Pictures courtesy of greenwichtime.com and cshgreenwich.org

Pictures courtesy of greenwichtime.com and cshgreenwich.org
Pictures courtesy of greenwichtime.com and cshgreenwich.org

From the swimming pool to the courts, this year’s winter sports captains hope to lead their respective teams through a season of victories, team traditions, and memories.
Senior co-captains of the varsity swimming and diving team Jordan Cohen and Grace Isford aim to motivate team members by decorating the locker room and organizing team dinners and sleepovers. They also hope to introduce new traditions, such as a potluck dinner and a secret santa gift exchange amongst members at Christmastime.
Unlike the other winter sports, the swim team practices and attends meets with the Iona Preparatory School. 

“It’s cool to have the experience of a co-ed team. It’s especially motivating during relays when all the girls cheer on the boys and vice versa at the end of the lanes. We have a lot of fun at swim meets together and I think it makes us push ourselves so we can lead the lane,” Jordan said.

Senior co-captains of varsity squash, Mary Grace Henry and Sheila Moran, hope to foster a strong bond between teammates this season. Although each member plays individually against her competitor during games, the captains still hope to create an atmosphere of teamwork and partnership.

“We all support each other because sometimes when you are on the court by yourself it’s easy to think that your win or loss only affects you but I really hope this year we can continue to play as a team and remember that we have all the other girls cheering us on,” Sheila said. “The more you enjoy the sport you are playing and the team you are on then the better season you will have and I want every girl to leave with the best experience possible.”
Senior varsity basketball captain Claire O’Neill hopes to use her passion for basketball to inspire her teammates this season. Claire started playing basketball for the Girls Basketball Association of Norwalk at the Ben Franklin School in Norwalk, Connecticut when she was in third grade. Currently, she works there as a score keeper.

“I grew up playing ball in that gym. Some of the greatest times of my life were spent in that gym with my friends playing the game that I love. Basketball has always really been a part of my life. I can’t imagine my life without it,” Claire said.

Her love of basketball has grown over the years and has inspired her to pass on her love of the game to her teammates this season.

“As varsity captain, I hope that the players on this team realize that basketball is more than just a game, but something to work for and a reason to be great,” Claire said. 

-Alexandra Dimitri, Staff Writer