Decorating heart and home


Brooke Wilkens ’16

At Convent of the Sacred Heart, the administration, faculty, staff and students take pride in the decorations that adorn both the school and their homes. Popular decorations vary from outdoor simple house lights, to intricate and playful indoor Christmas villages.
With a Christmas tree that adds life to the main entrance of Salisbury Hall, and the red and green wreaths that surround the school’s windows, the Sacred Heart community helps spread Christmas cheer.
The Upper School also has several decorating traditions around Christmastime. This year, the hallways are lined with colorful and dazzling christmas lights, paper snowflakes and festive wrapping paper.
“We are going to leave the Core Center to each grade’s student council to decorate their own corner, and then we are going to put wrapping paper on some of the lockers down the main hallway nearest to the chapel,” senior and Student Body President Isabella Libassi said. “We wanted to decorate around the high school with paper candy canes and quotes from the movie Elf. We are also going to hang up some lights in the Upper School hallway and science wing to boost Christmas spirit.”

Brooke Wilkens '16
Brooke Wilkens ’16

In addition to decorating the school, many students also enjoy transforming their homes during the holiday season. Junior Alison Danahy, sophomore Katie Danahy, and their family are passionate about their holiday decorations. They purchase three Christmas trees, one for each sibling, and also adorn the interior of their home with wooden Santas, nutcrackers, and a Christmas village.
“I love the spirit leading up to Christmas, everyone’s really happy. I just love the traditions. The excitement and the feeling when everyone is out around Christmas time is amazing,” Allison said.” The time leading up to Christmas is what I love, especially seeing all of the decorations.”
Similar to Alison and Katie’s family, senior Claire O’Neill and her family are also very passionate about their unique holiday garnishes.
“We have a sign with a snowman that says ‘Welcome’ at the front of our house, toy Christmas carolers on top of the television, and a chalkboard in the kitchen that counts down the days to Christmas,” Claire said. “We put candles in all of the windows. My family comes over and we have a gingerbread making competition.”
Students and teachers alike enjoy celebrating the holiday season through the decorations both in their homes and in the school.
“It’s really extreme, and a little bit crazy. We go a little bit overboard, but we love it,” Alison said.
-Brooke Wilkens, Staff Writer