Humans of Sacred Heart – Kate Burkett


“When I was 6, I asked Santa for a trampoline. We went to church on Christmas Eve, and when we came back home, I saw a trampoline in my backyard and I said, ‘Oh my gosh Santa came early’ and my mom said ‘yeah,’ and I was like ‘how could Santa ever not be real.’ This made me believe in Santa for so much longer. As I was walking home from church a fire truck drove by and Santa was waving in it and I thought, ‘Wow! He was just at my house and he just delivered the trampoline!’
Recently my mom told me that they had the neighbors put it in the yard.”

The King Street Chronicle thanks senior Kate Burkett for her contributions to “Humans of Sacred Heart.”

Compiled by Sarah Jackmauh and Alice Millerchip, Co-Content Editors