A chocolate covered new year

Emily Hirshorn 15
Courtesy of Chocolate Covered Katie

Emily Hirshorn ’15 Courtesy of Chocolate Covered Katie

Katie Higgins and her blog Chocolate Covered Katie (CCK), offers many recipes to make the new year both healthy and yummy.  This dessert blog, which she first launched in 2007, receives millions of monthly visitors, and provides an opportunity for Convent of the Sacred Heart students to find a nutritious way to satisfy their sweet tooth.
Many food enthusiasts like Ms. Higgins are sharing recipes with their friends, family, and followers through various means including Instagram, Pinterest, and personal blogs. To cater to her audience, Ms. Higgins even modifies her recipes by including several sugar and flour options as well as sugar-free, gluten-free, high-fat, or low-fat alternatives.

Emily Hirshorn '15 Courtesy of Chocolate Covered Katie
Emily Hirshorn ’15
Courtesy of Chocolate Covered Katie

“This blog certainly seems like a step in the right direction for people trying to ease their way into a healthier lifestyle,” senior Emily Davenport said. “It’s great that some of the recipes cater to certain dietary needs (intolerance to dairy and/or gluten), and that some are even vegetarian and vegan.”
Each post on Chocolate Covered Katie has a recipe, a personal anecdote, and enticing photographs of the final food product. The page also has a link to nutrition information.
Not only are her recipes low-calorie, but they also taste good, according to numerous comments from CCK lovers.  To achieve these delectable dishes, Ms. Higgins sometimes uses unconventional ingredients. For instance, the Healthy Deep Dish Cookie Pie is made with garbanzo beans, quick oats, and unsweetened applesauce, along with other more common ingredients. Commenters on her blog agree that these unusual ingredients do not negatively impact the taste of this dish.
“This chocolate pie is a real crowd-pleaser, even with people who aren’t used to eating healthy desserts. Imagine cookie dough in the form of a pie,” Ms. Higgins said on her site.
Instead of visiting Ms. Higgins’ blog, CCK recipe lovers can receive healthy dessert recipes delivered right to their inboxes and keep up to date on the newest posts.
If Ms. Higgins’ expansive database of online and emailed recipes is not enough, she has also just published a print cookbook, featuring 80 never-before-seen recipes. This Amazon #1 Bestseller can be purchased from numerous sources including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Target.
There are even several recipes that Sacred Heart advisories might enjoy like Peppermint Chocolate Coconut Cookies, Sugar Cookie Bars, and Low Fat Chocolate Muffins.
Whether chocolate lovers are looking for a recipe to serve one or ten, Chocolate Covered Katie has a lot of delicious and nutritious recipes to share.
– Emily Hirshorn, Opinions Editor