Saving blood, saving lives


Harold Miller

Convent of the Sacred Heart’s Red Cross Club (RCC) is hosting its sixth annual blood drive Friday, February 27 from 11:15 am to 4:15 pm. Registration will be in the science wing and donations will be in Red Cross buses in the bus loop.
Sacred Heart graduate Jennie Chieco ’13 founded the RCC in 2009 for her “Making History” project and further expanded the club as she advanced in high school. Senior club heads, Grace Kennedy, Sheila Moran and Sarah Banker are continuing Jennie’s legacy by planning the blood drive this year with help from the club’s 46 members.
“I have been in the Red Cross club since my freshman year, and I’ve always had an interest in helping people. I felt like I could lead this wonderful club that increases awareness and helps save lives to success,” Grace said.

Blood Drive article graphic
Katie Nail ’16

In preparation for the event, the club members created posters to hang throughout the school. Future club heads Alex Dimitri, Catherine Finnegan and Katherine Nail are in charge of organizing a committee to provide food and drink, to manage sports practice times and to find prospective donors.
The RCC’s goal this year is to increase student participation by offering a civvies day Monday, March 2 for student donors and students who have recruited donors. In addition, the club is selling T-shirts for $19. Club members will wear the shirts prior to the drive in order to promote the cause. The T-shirt’s design features the quote “be a lifesaver, Red Cross Club 2014-2015” with a red cross on the front.
According to, every three seconds, someone needs a blood transfusion and one pint of blood from one donor can save up to three lives.
“I’ve been a part of the Red Cross club since freshman year and have enjoyed helping plan the drives every year,” junior Cynthia Thomas said. “I can’t wait until I am eligible to donate.”
Donors must be 17 years old and weigh at least 110 pounds to be eligible for donation. To sign up, please email Grace Kennedy, Sheila Moran or Sarah Banker.
– Katie Nail, News Editor