When days are numbered


Alexandra Dimitri ’16

Ten. I have started to notice how frequently I am counting. Seven hours of sleep tonight, ten minutes until I have to go to school, 15 more minutes of class until lunch, 20 more minutes of lunch, two more classes until the end of the day, five minutes to get to the bottom of the student parking lot, 20 minutes to get to crew practice, and once at practice, two more hours to go. I have found that I am always counting down.
Nine. Instead of focusing on the finite number of minutes, even seconds, that I have in a day, I am focusing on how much more time I have until the next activity, which commences the next countdown until the event after that.
Eight. At my age, a mysterious 16, I have found that I am only able to recall events that took place after the age of three. Three years of life and I remember nothing about them.
Seven. I am in my second to last year of high school. I started counting down freshman year, counting down until the end of the third trimester. Sophomore year came, and I found myself counting down until May. Junior year has come, and I have found myself looking forward to senior year and counting down the months until I am ultimately a true upperclassman, at the absolute top of the Upper School.

Alexandra Dimitri '16
Alexandra Dimitri ’16

Six. We are in the third trimester of the year, with the remaining days numbered. The home stretch.
Five. May comes and the juniors become seniors, and the seniors leave for college. Four. 2015-2016 and the seniors apply to college, get acceptance letters, and commit to college. Three. June rolls around and we are walking down the front steps of Salisbury Hall wearing our white dresses. Two. The guest speaker gives our final commencement speech and we are handed our diplomas. One. We have graduated and our time as students at Convent of the Sacred Heart has ended. Will it be here that we collectively realize that we were counting down too much instead of living in the moment during the “best years of our lives?” Or, will the next countdown begin.
-Alexandra Dimitri, Staff Writer