Mr. Robert Allison is more than just hard working

For the last 16 years, Convent of the Sacred Heart Facilities Coordinator Mr. Robert Allison has been hurrying down the hallways and completing countless tasks to keep the school running. If students are lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Mr. Allison during the busy schooldays, they know that he is more than just a hard-working individual. Each day, he inspires students to care for others and make positive changes in the Sacred Heart community and beyond.
Before coming to Sacred Heart, Mr. Allison worked as the Activity Director at The Osborn, a senior living community in Rye, New York. There, he spent time looking after elderly patients and organizing events for them, such as aerobics classes.
“I loved this job because I got to work with people,” Mr. Allison said. “Going from Osborn to Sacred Heart, I went from working with the elderly to very young people. It was a big change, but I love working with them both.”
At Sacred Heart, Mr. Allison leads maintenance services around the school. Among other tasks, he is responsible for monitoring the school buses at the beginning and end of every school day, working the lights and sound for many of the school’s stage productions, and moving equipment for school functions.
Mr. Allison takes time from his never-ending duties and hectic schedule to talk to students and faculty. 
“Nothing is better than being greeted by Mr. Allison and his big smile every morning. He is truly a wonderful man and an inspiration to everyone around him,”senior and Student Body President Isabella Libassi said.
In addition to working with students during the school day, he also leads them in missions to change and improve the world outside of the Sacred Heart community. Mr. Allison plays an instrumental role in organizing the school’s breakfast runs and midnight runs to increase Sacred Heart students’ awareness of homelessness in New York City.

Mr. Robert Allison takes students on a breakfast run to Tompkins Square Park. Courtesy of Mrs. Lori Wilson
Mr. Robert Allison takes students on a breakfast run to Tompkins Square Park.
Courtesy of Mrs. Lori Wilson

“A lot of students come from very different backgrounds and have never seen this side of life first-hand. I like opening their eyes to something new. The students are unbelievable with their desire to help people outside of their community,” Mr. Allison said.
During these community service opportunities, students and faculty members bring clothing and food to homeless people in Manhattan. After serving meals to underserved communities during the breakfast run, the volunteers also attend a mass in Manhattan. 
Mr. Allison’s passion for broadening perspectives extends to his personal life as an avid cyclist.
He bikes around New York City, including down the West Side Highway, around downtown Manhattan, and sometimes across the George Washington Bridge.
“On a bike, you can see the city from another perspective. You can go places that you can’t get to by car and you can see all different types of people,” Mr. Allison said.
In the warmer months, he cycles every day, and has even biked with fellow Sacred Heart staff members.
Whether it is working with elderly patients or young students, or pursing his hobby of cycling in order to see new places and people, Mr. Allison’s enthusiasm makes him an inspirational figure in the Sacred Heart community.
“Mr. Allison embodies all the Goals of the Sacred Heart in his daily life at Sacred Heart and beyond,” Upper School Academic Dean and Network Exchange Coordinator Mrs. Jennifer Bensen said. “He has a passion for helping others and makes it his mission to do that each and every day. Mr. Allison has a positive attitude and is always looking to help those in need. He is role model for all of us to emulate.”
-Alice Millerchip, Content Editor