Dear seniors, love the class of 2016


Cheyann Greirson ’16

While most letters cost 49 cents to mail, message delivery to the Convent of the Sacred Heart Class of 2015 is free. The juniors are taking advantage of the discount and sharing some memories and wishes with the seniors before they leave their home away from home.
The rising seniors want to thank the Class of 2015 for its positive impact on Sacred Heart. Junior Lizzie Considine believes the seniors are role models that she will remember well after graduation.

Cheyann Greirson '16
Cheyann Greirson ’16

“Class of 2015, you’re some of the most successful people I’ve seen. Your talents have a wide range, and you’re an amazing class that we can all look up to,” Lizzie said. “Congratulations on finishing up your senior year.”
Some of the juniors’ memories of the senior class begin as early as freshman year.  
“I remember being a new freshman at Sacred Heart and being amazed at how open the older grades were. Thank you to all of you who have been so instrumental in giving me advice or even just being a person I can talk and laugh with,” junior Erin Schick said.
In addition to the many memories, seniors also provided guidance as leaders of the Upper School.
“From the sports fields to the broadcast studio you guys have energetically and boldly created a positive environment for all of us to learn and grow in,” junior Isabella Caponiti said.
Junior Grace Passannante wants the seniors to continue fostering the qualities they developed at Sacred Heart.
“On your first day as seniors at Sacred Heart, it was very evident that you were eager to fill the senior shoes,” Grace said. “I hope that you will all take your confidence, leadership, positive energy, and high spirits with you when you go to college.”
Most of all, juniors want the Class of 2015 to continue to live out the values they learned as members of the Sacred Heart community.
“Never forget where you came from. If you ever feel lost, just look at your medals, or your class rings. They are symbols of the Sacred Heart community that has been so prominent in your lives,” junior Alessandra Nocco said. “Even if you don’t realize it now, this place has shaped the amazing people you all are today.”
– Cheyann Greirson, Staff Writer