Creating a home away from the heart


Brooke Wilkens ’16

Convent of the Sacred Heart seniors will bring both their intellectual vitality and their creative decorating spirit with them on their journey from high school to college and beyond. Members of the Class of 2015 will travel close to home, across the country, and even overseas during their first year away from Sacred Heart. Wherever they go, they will bring with them their unique and personal decorating style.
Senior Claren Hesburgh is known for both her preppy and stylish wardrobe and accessories. She will be attending University of San Diego in the fall, and has many ideas for dorm decorations.
“I will begin decorating my dorm room by finding a duvet and then building the decor and color shades off of that,” Claren said. “Also, adding my monogram onto bedding or towels could be a personal touch in addition to including pops of my favorite colors which are pink, blue and green.”
Claren also hopes to incorporate various Vineyard Vines items and nautical touches to the room to remind her of the east coast.

Brooke Wilkens '16
Brooke Wilkens ’16

Senior Grace Finerman will attend the University of Michigan in the fall. She anticipates styling and organizing her dorm in conjunction with her roommate, whom she met on Facebook through mutual friends.
“I think that personalizing your space is very important because everyone spends so much time in their dorm rooms,” Grace said. “I honestly think that being in a space that is personalized makes a difference by making a new location feel more like home.”
Like Grace, senior Emma Church, who will attend the University of Southern California in the fall, found her roommate through mutual friends. She has already begun planning her dorm decorations.
“My room is on the bigger side, so there is a lot of space for me to decorate. There are huge bulletin boards on the walls that I can hang pictures and posters on. It might be hard sharing a room with someone else because it is a big transition from having my own room, but I don’t think it will be that difficult because there are a lot of drawers, desks, and closets where we can put our stuff,” Emma said.
Some students have used social media sites such as Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest to discover new ideas of how to renew or reinvent their personal living style.
“I have been looking on Pinterest to get ideas for how to decorate my room and I have been speaking with my roommate so we can coordinate things such as bedding,” Emma said.
Some seniors, such as Claire O’Neill, will find roommates through random pairing and thus have to start planning dorm decorations on their own. 
“I will be rooming with one other person, but I chose to room randomly so I do not find out my assignment until July. I would like them to be clean, however, as I myself lean towards being a messy individual, I would not be too critical if they were messy,” Claire said, who will attend Villanova University next fall.
Like many other seniors, Claire believes that it is important to keep family and Sacred Heart close to mind while at a new school.
“I want a ton of pictures in my room of CSH, my family, and vivid colors to brighten up my days,” Claire said.
As graduation and the summer leading into their first year out of high school approaches, seniors will begin preparing for life away from the security and comfort of their home at Sacred Heart.
-Brooke Wilkens, Staff Writer