Changing the face of athletics

Jade Cohen 17

Jade Cohen ’17

Jade Cohen '17
Jade Cohen ’17

With the new school year up and running, the Athletic Department revealed many new opportunities available to students and implemented changes to athletes’ previous routines to improve the quality of life at Convent of the Sacred Heart.
The Athletic Department began using the Functional Movement Screening (FMS) tool this fall to identify the movement limitations of every athlete participating in a team sport. This evaluation helps gage risk of injury and optimal performance level. This individualized screening will help the Sports Specialists recommend personalized strength and conditioning programs to athletes. This unprecedented focus on the individual will help improve the skills and physical caliber of Sacred Heart athletes. 
Athletic routines are also changing. For example, practices now run from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm, instead of 3:45 pm to 5:45 pm. I find this new system to be beneficial as a student-athlete because it gives me time to meet with teachers, do homework, and spend more time with my teammates before heading to practice. 
The new athletic building is bound to transform the sports program at Sacred Heart with its six squash courts, three gymnasiums, home and visiting team locker rooms, team discussion room, sports-medicine room, dance studio, and strength and conditioning facility.
Athletes now have the opportunity to participate in the strength and conditioning program led by Sports Specialist and varsity field hockey coach Mr. Alexandru Gheorghe, as well as Sports Specialist Ms. Celia Allamargot. 
“The goal of the strength and conditioning center is to provide the resources for our community to get fit and stay strong, and for our team athletes to focus on performance enhancement training,” Head of the Athletic Department Ms. Kelly Stone said.
I am confident that students in all divisions and of all physical abilities will use this facility, especially to train during their offseason. 
As a Sacred Heart student-athlete, I am eager to reap the benefits of this new academic and athletic frontier through the personalized training programs and new athletic complex. I am positive that the new building, routine changes, and unique opportunities will help enrich the athletic experience at Sacred Heart for years to come.
– Jade Cohen, Opinions Editor