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Apple released the new iPhone 6 in stores Friday, September 25 in an attempt to generate sales and satisfy the complaints of previous iPhone users. Despite its slogan, “[t]he only thing that’s changed is everything,” according to apple.com, there are only a few minor qualities that have indeed changed.
The few improved aspects of the new iPhone include a faster performance and a quicker wireless internet (Wi-Fi) and Long-Term Evolution (LTE), which is the wireless connection strength, according to wsj.com. In addition, the camera takes clearer and more detailed pictures and videos. Moreover, the iPhone 6s is more durable than the previous iPhone 6.
Likewise, one new feature is 3D touch which senses pressure that is applied on the screen, allowing a more efficient way to use the device. Additionally, live photos capture the moments before and after a picture is taken, which is similar to a short video or Graphics Interchange Format (GIF). The camera also has a new front flash component. Furthermore, the iPhone 6s has a rose gold color option.

The iPhone 6s includes features such as 3D touch and live photos, pictured in rose gold, silver and space gray. Maddie Squire '18
The iPhone 6s includes features such as 3D touch and live photos, pictured in rose gold, silver and space gray.
Maddie Squire ’18

Although there are improvements to the new iPhone, Apple did not heed the major complaints of iPhone users, according to wsj.com. The battery life on the iPhone 6s is the same as that of the iPhone 6. In the new iPhone 6s, a frequent user will exhaust the battery life in one day. Similarly, Apple did not change the screen’s strength on the new iPhone, so it still cracks easily.
Additionally, the new iPhone comes in two sizes: the 6s, which has a 4.7 inch display, and the 6s Plus, which has a 5.5 inch display. The iPhone 6s also comes in four colors: silver, gold, space grey, and the new rose gold. 
Along with the iPhone 6s, other new Apple products include the iPad Pro, the Apple Pencil, and an updated Apple TV. The iPad Pro has a 12.9 inch screen with retina display, quicker performance, and refined multi-touch technology. The Apple Pencil is a new accessory for the iPad Pro, which expands the multi-touch feature by allowing the user to write on the screen. Lastly, Apple improved Apple TV so it has a new operating system, tvOS, which has new ways to connect with the screen through apps such as HBO NOW, Netflix, and Hulu.
Despite changes in a variety of Apple technology, Convent of the Sacred Heart freshman Olivia Teklits agrees that not much has evolved in the new iPhone.
“I think it is not much different than the iPhone 6, other than the color. Yes, there is the 3D touch, but I find that I never really use it. I think that the live photos are cool, but difficult because you have to remember to turn it on and off, and I don’t think you can send them as live photos to people without the 6s. However, I love the rose gold,” Olivia said.
-Maddie Squire, Staff Writer

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