Humans of Sacred Heart – Victoria Paternina '16


Humans of Sacred Heart - Victoria Paternina
What was your reaction when the Columbia Scholastic Press Association awarded Voices with a gold medal and honored the multilingual literary and art magazine as the recipient of the All-Columbian Honor?
“Receiving this award was truly an honor and I am very grateful to the club members for their hard work and dedication, the teachers for their guidance and assistance, and of course to everyone who submitted and was able to contribute their work. Molly and Priscilla put in many hours to the magazine as the club heads last year and their example are truly an inspiration.”
What are your plans for the magazine this year?
“My plans for the magazine this year are to recruit many more underclassmen to expand the club. I was also thinking of incorporating more of a theme in the magazine this year to give it more of a focus. In addition I wanted to hopefully include some bonus languages aside from the ones we have every year. I was hoping to add a piece in German or Russian as our Sacred Heart community is so diverse and there are girls with some knowledge of these languages.”
When and why did you decide to join Voices?
“I joined Voices as a freshman because of my love and interest in languages. Growing up in a bilingual environment at my house, languages have always been a passion of mine. In kindergarten I took up French and I loved it since the first day. Knowing, understanding and learning languages is a part of who I am. Voices is a very valuable tool that I have been able to use to express my love for languages as well as expand my understanding of them.”
What is something that members of the Sacred Heart community may not know about you?
“Something that members of the Sacred Heart community may not know about me is that even though I was not born in Spain, Spanish was my first language and I had to learn English in preschool.”
The King Street Chronicle thanks senior Victoria Paternina ’16 for her contributions to “Humans of Sacred Heart.”
– Compiled by Alana Galloway, Content Editor and Alexandra Dimitri, Managing Editor.