The rise of the cookie stock


Cookie stocks at the holiday exchange. Arielle Kirven ’17

The opening bell of the Convent of the Sacred Heart Cookie Exchange rang December 9 to mark the beginning of the annual two-day event, where students in each grade exchanged desserts and traded baked goods.
The senior and junior cookie market opened December 9, and the sophomore and freshman market opened December 10.
During both trading sessions, students exchanged many different commodities, ranging from snicker-doodles to peppermint bark. 

Cookie stocks at the holiday exchange. Arielle Kirven '17
Cookie stocks at the holiday exchange.
Arielle Kirven ’17

Cookie stock indices such as the Saint Madeleine Sophie and Philippine 500 (S&P 500) reflected the emerging market movement. On the floor of the exchange, sugar cookies were the best performers on the S&P 500.
The cookie market is comprised of three sectors including the homemade sector, the store-bought sector and the bakery sector. Sugar cookies were dominant in the homemade sector while chocolate chip cookies were dominant in the bakery sector. Store-bought shares suffered a large drop during the sugary session.
Analysts reported that the freshman class’ initial public offering (IPO) was a power player in the homemade sector. Their highest rising cookie share was freshman Olivia Teklits’ double chocolate chip cookies.
Olivia saw a rise in her core earnings this year and wants to extend her portfolio to include other cookie commodities.
“I really enjoyed baking for the cookie exchange this year,” Olivia said. “A lot of the other girls also made really creative cookies and I am so excited to try some of their recipes next year.” 
In addition, many pastries made an impact on the dessert market. Junior Helen Rail was the highest advancer and her cinnamon puff pastries reported a large growth on the Consumer Cookie Index (CCI). Her shares outperformed other baked goods with a high exchange rate.
The CCI also reported a gross domestic product of 4200 and the earnings per student at 12 cookies.
As the closing bell rings December 10, cookie traders and dessert stockbrokers look forward to profiting from their cookie shares and preparing for the next holiday exchange in 2016.
– Arielle Kirven, Co-Arts and Entertainment Editor