Senior Staff Editorial: A Christmas tale

Elizabeth Bachmann 17 and Morgan Johnson 17

Elizabeth Bachmann ’17 and Morgan Johnson ’17

The senior class is currently caught in a vortex of college decisions and last-minute supplemental essays. For many seniors, the newfound stress that has permeated the minds of even the most dedicated Christmas fanatics has triumphed over their love for the holiday season.
When reflecting on our current situation, the renowned tale of “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” comes to mind. Rudolph, the young reindeer who is ostracized and ridiculed by his peers as a result of his unusually red and bright nose, spends a considerable amount of time feeling depressed, comparable to the depression many seniors have felt after receiving their first deferral or rejection. However, Santa soon works his magic by improving Rudolph’s mood.

Elizabeth Bachmann '17 and Morgan Johnson '17
Elizabeth Bachmann ’17 and Morgan Johnson ’17

When Santa finds himself caught in a stormy, vortex of snow, quite like the senior class in our whirlpool of stress, it is Rudolph who guides him with his bright, red nose. Despite a temporary lapse of judgement and brief period of melancholy, things work out for Rudolph in the end.
Santa had a plan for Rudolph in this popular tale of perseverance and self-improvement, and we have to believe that God has a plan for us all. So, instead of giving into the stress of senior year, like Rudolph gave into the humiliation inflicted upon him by the other reindeer, we should focus on the joy of Christmas and trust that we will all end up where we are supposed to be next year.
While a rejection or acceptance letter can be distracting to a senior during the holidays, the days after she makes a decision are spent recognizing that there is more to the year than attending a top college. A new year is approaching, and with that, a new year of possibilities welcomes the Class of 2016.
So instead of seniors allowing the impending approach of letters and daunting news to put them on edge, they should strive to keep a smile on their faces this Christmas season. After all, if we try to forget about college for even a few minutes, we will soon realize that this year is not so different from any other. We should focus on the joy of the holiday season, just like we have every year before. For many of us, this will be our last Christmas together, and definitely our last December at Sacred Heart, so let’s enjoy our time together.
– Senior Editorial Board