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BarTaco resembles a charming beach shack and serves a variety Mexican tapas. Holly Roth ’16

Bartaco’s beachside aesthetic draws in hungry patrons who crave casual Mexican food and a trendy atmosphere. The waterfront restaurant is located in the heart of Port Chester, New York, a fifteen minute drive away from Convent of the Sacred Heart.

BarTaco's address, days open, hours, and phone number. Holly Roth '16
Bartaco’s address, days open, hours, and phone number.
Holly Roth ’16

The affordable Mexican taqueria serves upscale small plates for both vegetarians and meat-lovers. The categories on the menu consist of “tacos,” “not tacos,” “sides,” “rice bowls,” “trays” and “postres.” The food is served on aluminum trays and comes with three sauces, habanero, jalapeño and roja, that range from mild to hot.
The restaurant’s taco selection consists of baja fish, chicken, pork belly and sesame ribeye. The rice bowls contain larger portions of taco fillings, brown rice, peppers, onions, cilantro, and a citrus dressing. The “not tacos” category of the menu offers chips and guacamole, cheese quesadillas, chopped salads and plantains. A particularly popular side dish is the grilled corn served with lime, cayenne and cotija cheese. For dessert, “postres” include spiced chocolate pudding, churros with chocolate dipping sauce, key lime pie in a jar, and ice cream served in a cup or cone.
Bartaco resembles a beach shack with white-and-blue wood paneling, patio furniture, inverted basket lamps, photographs of beaches and big white fans. The restaurant’s employees wear white pants and plaid blue shirts that correspond with the beach theme.
BarTaco resembles a charming beach shack and serves a variety Mexican tapas. Holly Roth '16
Bartaco resembles a charming beach shack and serves a variety of Mexican tapas.
Holly Roth ’16

Sacred Heart seniors’ free periods at school or lunch off-campus are optimal times to dine at the restaurant or pick up takeout. Bartaco’s takeout-only Party Packs encompass a variety of dishes, including chips and guacamole, cheese quesadillas, and assorted tamales. The Party Packs serve groups of 5 or more and cost about $15 per person. This option of takeout is ideal for advisory parties and school-approved lunches.
“From birthday celebrations to casual dinners, bartaco is my go-to restaurant. My favorite dish is the sesame ribeye rice bowl,” senior Aggie Ryan said.
Other local bartaco restaurants are situated in Stamford, Westport and Hartford, Connecticut, in addition to other locations throughout the East Coast. The Barteca Restaurant Group owns bartaco and also the Barcelona Restaurant & Wine Bars.
The restaurant attracts a diverse crowd of customers, ranging from young adults to couples and families. During the summer, customers can sit outside on the deck that overlooks the Byram River. Reservations are only accepted for groups of ten or more, but calling ahead a half-hour before arriving assures seating priority.
“Every year after Prize Day, my friends and I go to bartaco for lunch. I love being able to celebrate the end of the school year with my friends at my favorite restaurant,” senior Alana Maguire said.
– Holly Roth, Co-Features Editor