Humans of Sacred Heart- Sydney Goldman '16


What is a story about you that no one knows?
“As you may know, I love cheese. When I was little I had a habit of waking up in the middle of the night, stealing all the cheese sticks, and stuffing them under my pillow. I would wake up the next morning and eat them, it was a little present to myself.”
What are you doing this summer?
“I’ll hopefully be working! My main goal for this summer is to spend as much time with my friends before we all leave for college.”
What are you most excited about for college?
“A new start, being able to completely reinvent myself.”
What was your favorite piece from the senior edition this year?
“Definitely Seniors of the day, it’s so cool being able to see us in the spotlight and learn more about our class.”
What is a piece of advice that you have for the upcoming seniors?
“Breathe! It does get better and you will get everything done!”
Why did you draw this picture on the blackboard?
“In Math a classmate asked me to draw a farm scene and it was hard to resist.”
The King Street Chronicle thanks senior Sydney Goldman ’16 for her contributions to “Humans of Sacred Heart.”
Photo by Alexandra Dimitri, Managing Editor
-Compiled by Alexandra Dimitri, Managing Editor and Alana Galloway, Content Editor