Sacred Heart welcomes new faculty

Convent of the Sacred Heart welcomes new faculty members into its heart, as seven new faces join the Upper School community this fall.

This year, Mrs. Jillian Bozzi joins the Upper School history department. Mrs. Bozzi previously taught at Our Lady of Victory Academy in Dobbs Ferry, New York for six years and at St. Catharine Academy in the Bronx for five years. 
Mrs. Bozzi is passionate about teaching eager students and becoming a part of the Sacred Heart community. 

“My goals for this year are to really acclimate myself with the community of Sacred Heart Greenwich and utilize the resources available to me as a teacher,” Mrs. Bozzi said.
Sacred Heart is welcoming back Mrs. Marcie McDonald as a new addition to the college guidance department,

Convent of the Sacred Heart welcomes new members to the faculty Ms. Angela Cartensen, Mrs. Jillian Bozzi, Mrs. Maureen Considine, Mr. Brian Mao, Ms. Corinne Grady, Mrs. Marcie McDonals, and Mrs. Janelle O'Neill (from left to right). Nadia Zuaiter '17
Convent of the Sacred Heart welcomes new members to the faculty Ms. Angela Carstensen, Mrs. Jillian Bozzi, Mrs. Maureen Considine, Mr. Brian Mao, Ms. Corinne Grady, Mrs. Marcie McDonals, and Mrs. Janelle O’Neill (from left to right).
Nadia Zuaiter ’17

and assistant to Academic Dean Mrs. Gail Casey. Mrs. McDonald started her career at Newton Country Day School of the Sacred Heart teaching ninth and eleventh grade psychology.

After working at Newton Country Day, Mrs. McDonald  worked in college admissions for a year before coming to Sacred Heart to be the Dean of Students in the Upper School.  She spent seven years at Sacred Heart as the Dean of Students, a religion teacher, and the acting head of Upper School.

Mrs. McDonald is pleased to be back in the Sacred Heart community and will work towards making the college guidance department more efficient for students and parents.

“I love Sacred Heart and that’s why I’m so thrilled to be back,” Mrs. McDonald said.  “It is such a warm and inviting community where you can feel the pulse of enthusiasm as you enter the building.”

Rounding out the math department is Mrs. Janelle O’Neill. Mrs. O’Neill spent her first two years teaching at Cathedral High School, a co-ed Catholic high school in Springfield, Massachusetts. Then, Mrs. O’Neill taught at Notre Dame School of Manhattan, an all-girls Catholic high school on the Lower West Side in New York City, for seven years.

Mrs. O’Neill is honored to be a part of the math department and to teach college preparatory and Advanced Placement Calculus AB.

“As a new member of the Sacred Heart community, I want to make sure I am creating a classroom environment which challenges and encourages all students to become better mathematicians,” Mrs. O’Neill said. 

Mrs. Maureen Considine is joining the Sacred Heart community as the new Head of Campus Ministry. Mrs. Considine’s three daughters Colleen ’08, Catherine ’13, and Elizabeth ’16, all attended Sacred Heart.

“Our family was lucky enough to send our three daughters to Sacred Heart,” Mrs. Considine said.  “From their experiences, I learned that Sacred Heart’s five Goals and Criteria provide the foundation for all we do at Sacred Heart. At the same time, the Goals and Criteria provide a launching pad for our community to explore new frontiers.”

Prior to her current position at Sacred Heart, Mrs. Considine was a Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (CCD) teacher, a substitute teacher in the Stamford Public School system, and a member of the Parents Association Boards.

Ms. Angela Carstensen is joining Sacred Heart as the new Director of Library and Information Services. Before working at Sacred Heart, Ms. Carstensen was a librarian at Mercersburg Academy in Pennsylvania, and worked at Sacred Heart 91st Street for 11 years.

Ms. Carstensen is eager to get to know and interact with the students, as well as expand research opportunities for the whole community.

“My goals for this year include learning about the curriculum and finding the places that research best fits into it, ” Ms. Carstensen said. “I also look forward to getting to know the students and teachers and enjoying our community.”

Joining the science department this year is Ms. Corinne Grady ’10. Ms. Grady previously worked at Greens Farms Academy in Westport, Connecticut as an eleventh grade math teacher.

Ms. Grady is looking forward to being a part of the Sacred Heart community once again and is eager to work with her students.

“My goals this year are to teach the girls what they need to be successful throughout their high school careers and have the girls be engaged with what we’re learning,” Ms. Grady said.

Finally, Mr. Brian Mao is the new Upper School Chinese teacher. Mr. Mao attended New York University and is teaching all sections of Chinese this year.

A previous version of this article incorrectly spelled Ms. Angela Carstensen’s name. We apologize for the error.