Guide to Greenwich – Ice Cream


To cool down from a warm autumn season, we headed into downtown Greenwich for a taste of its finest ice cream and gelato.
Meli Melo

The delicious and decadent chocolate ice cream from Meli-Melo is a perfect sweet treat. Nadia Zuaiter '17
The delicious and decadent chocolate ice cream from Meli-Melo is a perfect sweet treat. Nadia Zuaiter ’17

First, we stopped at Meli-Melo, a small, yet lively French crêperie nestled on the corner of Grigg Street and Greenwich Avenue. Méli-Mélo’s menu offers light fare including smoothies, salads, sandwiches, and crêpes. All of Meli-Melo’s ice creams and sorbets are all-natural, with no coloring, artificial flavoring, or preservatives.
Jade Cohen '17
Jade Cohen ’17

In keeping with our waiter’s recommendation, we ordered two scoops of chocolate ice cream for $7.00, which arrived in a timely fashion in a chilled glass dish. 
Upon taking the first bite, its rich and creamy texture satisfied our sweet-tooth. The dessert was the perfect blend of hard ice cream and soft serve, but we would have liked to have experienced a slightly stronger chocolate flavor.
La Fenice
La Fenice
Our gelato from La Fenice tasted like authentic gelato that is full in flavor and texture. Morgan Johnson ’17

Our next destination was La Fenice, a cafe and bakery that specializes in authentic French desserts and beverages. Located on Greenwich Avenue, the eatery is small, but its employees engender a vivacious and lively vibe. Sweets and gelato line the walls in glass cases and are a welcome invitation to any customer. Small tables and a countertop face the street and provide limited seating for a customer looking for a sit-down experience.
la fenice
Morgan Johnson ’17

We ordered a small chocolate gelato, which came in a decorative bowl with a colorful plastic spoon. Upon our first bite, the thick gelato overwhelmed our taste buds and immediately melted in our mouths. The creaminess of the gelato was evident and provided a strong aftertaste. Its flavor was rich, appetizing, and was a refreshing afternoon delight.
Although La Fenice’s prices are a bit lofty, the quality of its offerings is high and the quantity is abundant. In addition, the cashier graciously engaged us and seemed to appreciate our business.
Lastly, we made our way to Scoops. This small local ice cream shop is located on Riversville Road in
Nadia Zuaiter '17
Nadia Zuaiter ’17

Greenwich. As we walked into the cozy store, we were immediately inundated with the plethora of options housed in the glass case. From chocolate to chocolate cherry avalanche and gelato to Italian ice, there is a flavor or delicacy that will appeal to everyone’s tastes.
This indulgence from Scoops had the perfect balance of flavor, texture, and creaminess, making it our winner. Morgan Johnson ’17

Although the multitude of options tempted us, we kept with our theme and ordered a cup of chocolate ice cream to share. We were immediately delighted with the smooth chocolate flavor and velvety texture. The ice cream seemed to be a mix of dark and milk chocolate, which enhanced its flavor and left us wanting more.
Scoops is reasonably priced, with a small ice cream costing us just $3.00, and is well worth the money for its excellent service and delicious offerings. The staff was helpful and cheery, allowing us to try other flavors and making our experience that much more enjoyable.    
After surveying Greenwich’s most popular frozen treat vendors, it was clear that our ice cream from Scoops was the winner. The ice cream’s decadent taste coupled with the joint’s coziness and affordability provide the perfect pairing for anyone craving a cold and sweet treat.
– Jade Cohen, Content Editor, Nadia Zuaiter, Social Media Content Editor and Co-Podcast Editor, and Morgan Johnson, Co-Editor-in-Chief