Cookie stocks reach all-time high


Cookie stocks at the annual exchange. Arielle Kirven ’17

The opening bell of the Sacred Heart Greenwich Cookie Exchange rang December 12 to mark the beginning of the annual two-day event, during which students in each grade exchange desserts and baked goods.
The cookie market is comprised of three sectors including the homemade sector, the store-bought sector, and the bakery sector. Gingerbread cookies were dominant in the homemade sector while frosted cookies were dominant in the store-bought sector. Bakery shares suffered a large drop during the sweet and sticky session.

Cookie stocks at the annual exchange. Arielle Kirven '17
Cookie stocks at the annual exchange.
Arielle Kirven ’17

Analysts reported that the senior class was a power player in the homemade sector. Their highest rising cookie shares were senior and stockbroker Katie Farrell’s raspberry crumble bars.
Katie released her initial public opening (IPO) this year at the exchange. Her new company “Katie’s Kookies” sells the specially made raspberry crumble bars and other festive holiday treats.
To prepare for her release on the Saints Madeleine Sophie and Philippine 500 index (S&P 500), she returned to the original plans for the company. Katie consulted her mother and grandmother’s cookbooks to stay authentic to the family heritage brand.
“Although I am senior now, I still continue to talk to my Mom about cooking and baking. I find that she is especially helpful with choosing healthy and high quality ingredients to make my cookies and raspberry bars,” Katie said. 

In addition, Katie tested out the family recipe ahead of time and shared sample cookies with her Big and Little Sisters group. She found that the Middle School students had suggestions that allowed her to improve the ingredients and the product quality.
As a result of the recent release, Katie saw a rise in her core earnings and hopes to extend her portfolio to include other cookie commodities.
In addition, sugar cookies made a large impact on the dessert market. Their stock sales went up by ten percent, according to a recent economic growth report on delicacies. Freshman Paige Pucel was the highest advancer on the Consumer Cookie Index (CCI) with her chocolate chip brownies.
The CCI also reported a gross domestic product of 4068 and the earnings per student at 12 cookies.
As the closing bell rings December 13, cookie traders and bakery barterers will compare profits and prepare for the next holiday exchange in 2017.
– Arielle Kirven, Co-Editor-in-Chief