Guide to Greenwich – Healthy Living Edition


For the New Year’s edition of Guide to Greenwich, we reviewed the most up-and-coming food, activewear, and workout trends that Greenwich has to offer.

The Granola Bar
Anissa Arakal ’19

The Granola Bar
We arrived at The Granola Bar on Greenwich Avenue at 1 p.m. There was ample, comfortable seating in either a booth or at a table.  While we chose to sit down, there was also an alternative line for pick up and take-out orders.  The menu consisted of sandwiches, wraps, salads, and bowls, as well as a variety of smoothies, coffees, and iced drinks.
We sampled the most popular item on the menu, avocado toast, for $8.  
Fresh avocado toast topped with feta cheese and pepper flakes at the Granola Bar on Greenwich Avenue. Karina Badey '19
Fresh avocado toast topped with feta cheese and pepper flakes at The Granola Bar on Greenwich Avenue.
Karina Badey ’19

This delicious option came on toasted multigrain bread, topped with feta cheese, crushed pepper flakes, and sesame seeds.  The feta cheese and crushed pepper flakes are their most popular variation of add-ons for an additional $2. The unique combinations of flavors made The Granola Bar’s avocado toast a must-have.
Along with most of The Granola Bar’s customers, according to our waiter, we agree that the avocado toast is the best item.  An original twist on this classic, healthy option is definitely worth the extra cost.
For a more filling alternative, the avocado grilled cheese on multigrain bread is also one of the restaurant’s most popular options for $8. We ordered two healthy smoothies, the Power Matcha and the Very Berry, for $8 each.  The smoothies consisted of almond milk and various wholesome, fresh ingredients. The Very Berry consisted of strawberries, banana, honey, plain yogurt, and milk, and the Power Matcha had matcha, vanilla whey protein powder, banana, coconut oil, almond milk in it.
Although we sat down immediately, it took some time for our server to take our order as he seemed to have too many tables to wait on during the lunch rush.  Our bill for the two dishes and two smoothies added up to $36.24, a reasonable price for the various items we ordered.
Anissa Arakal '19
Anissa Arakal ’19

Sweaty Betty
Sweaty Betty is an activewear clothing store originating in London, England. The fashionable exercise clothing shop is located on Greenwich Avenue between West Elm and Lewis Street. The upbeat music matched the ambiance of the trendy store. A friendly staff member greeted us and showed us around, telling us about each of the best sellers.
One of the most sought after items is the store’s leggings. Ranging from $75 to $135, the abundance 0f colors, fits, and styles for each pair of
A view of the trendy interior of the activewear line, Sweaty Betty. Karina Badey '19
A view of the trendy interior of the activewear line, Sweaty Betty.
Karina Badey ’19

leggings are perfect for any workout. With leggings, tanks, tees, and many more types of clothing, Sweaty Betty provides all the stylish items necessary for sports such as running, swimming, and even skiing.  They also offer studio clothes for participating in activities such as pilates, spin, and barre.
We adored the overall style of the clothing items.  They had sets of clothing lined up on the walls which made it easy to pair together an outfit, and it was also simple to mix and match styles with the vibrant colors and patterns the store offered.
The material of the clothes seemed very durable, except the prices tended to be high.  Many of the simple running tops and pullovers are more than, if not close to, $100.
Pure Barre
Anissa Arakal ’19

Pure Barre
Lastly, we arrived at Pure Barre, located on Railroad Avenue. Pure Barre is a fairly new form of exercise, helping to strengthen and slim the body using a ballet bar.  We scheduled our class through its organized website, which included information about class times, instructors, and the Pure Barre experience. We suggest pre-booking at least three days prior to ensure there is an available spot. Similarly, for first-timers, we recommend arriving at least 10 to 15 minutes in advance to speak to the instructor about what the class will entail.
Beginning warmups for the Pure Barre exercise class. Karina Badey '19
Beginning warmups for the Pure Barre exercise class.
Karina Badey ’19

The class began with a high-energy warm-up to bustling music. The 55-minute workout targeted all the key muscles in our bodies. The more difficult part of the workout began with sculpting and strengthening arms with light weights and stretches.  The next series of workouts targeted thighs.  We did a series of leg workouts using the ballet bar.  Additionally, there was a segment for defining and strengthening abdominal muscles.  The workout concluded with a slow paced cool down.  The instructor’s encouraging words in addition to the upbeat music kept the whole class motivated throughout the rigorous workout.  We found it to be a fun and new way to stay in shape.
We thoroughly enjoyed the class and would undoubtedly go back again.  Even afterward, we felt energized and in shape after the series of new workouts we tried.  Overall, it was a great way to end the day of exploring Greenwich’s newest health trends.
-Karina Badey and Anissa Arakal, Staff Writers