Humans of Sacred Heart – Molly Smith '17


What was the most meaningful part of the Ash Wednesday Liturgy? 
“For me, the most meaningful part of the Liturgy was hearing about Pope Francis’ theme for this Lenten season. I think that the theme of listening is especially prevalent in our society. We are all so detached and much more interested in our electronic devices than having a conversation with one another. I am definitely going to try and be more present especially during the Lent season.”
What are you giving up for Lent?
“In keeping with the theme of this Lenten season, I am going to give up social media. I think that giving up social media for Lent will be a good exercise and will help me see if this is something I will be able to practice on a more permanent basis.”
  What was the most memorable thing you gave up for Lent and how was your experience?
“I gave up Netflix three years in a row and I truly enjoyed the experience. It was difficult at first, but after a week I got used to it and in the end, I was able to spend my free time doing other things like spending time with my friends and family.”
The King Street Chronicle thanks senior Molly Smith ’17 for her contributions to “Humans of Sacred Heart.”
Photo by Nadia Zuaiter, Social Media Content Editor and Co-Podcast Editor
– Compiled by Nadia Zuaiter, Social Media Content Editor and Co-Podcast Editor