Taking her studies abroad


Maggy Wolanske '18

Sacred Heart Greenwich senior Jacqui Kaplan is taking her study of International Relations outside of the United States to the University of St. Andrews in Scotland. The opportunity to study abroad will not only accommodate Jacqui’s major but will allow her to fully immerse herself in a different country.
“I figured what better way to learn international relations than in an international setting,” Jacqui said. “It will be an adventurous experience in which I will be able to learn things from a whole new perspective.”
Jacqui is the first in her family to study abroad, and the only Sacred Heart senior in her class to continue her education outside of the United States for all four years. When visiting the college, Jacqui made an instant connection with the school. She was drawn to the picturesque atmosphere and the town surrounding the college.
“The scenery is breathtakingly beautiful, as it is situated along the North Sea about one hour from Edinburgh,” Jacqui said. “The town of St. Andrews itself is lovely and quaint and the proximity to other European countries allows for frequent traveling around Europe.”

Maggy Wolanske ’18

This new environment allows Jacqui to envision herself living and learning outside of the United States.
“I love traveling and I love going to the United Kingdom, so I am excited to experience and explore more of it,” Jacqui said.
Jacqui was elated after learning of her acceptance to the university’s international relations program. This program offers unique sub-courses such as counterterrorism and conflict resolution. She will also have the opportunity to join the post graduate run called Diplomacy Society, which allows her to work on negotiation strategies and take a potential trip to Brussels to strengthen her knowledge of European Union institutions.
While Jacqui will study international relations during her four years at St. Andrews, Jacqui will also take courses in two other subjects. She would like to continue studying Spanish and Arabic, both of which she began pursuing at Sacred Heart.
Jacqui also notes that the housing conditions at St. Andrews differ from the facilities and universities in the United States. She applied to be in ensuite self-catered housing, which means she will have a room with a private bathroom, double bed and a shared kitchen that will allow her to cook. An arrangement that includes a kitchen and bathroom differs from most American universities, which have more of a communal approach.
After attending Sacred Heart for six years, Jacqui believes that she will be prepared to take on this new adventure and carry with her Sacred Heart’s Goals and Criteria.
“Sacred Heart has encouraged me to embrace and grow my independent nature, which has in turn given me the confidence and courage to make Scotland my home for at least the next four years,” Jacqui said.
– Maggy Wolanske, Staff Writer