Experiencing Sacred Heart as a lifer


The ten lifers at the Mater Society dinner.

Ten students of the Sacred Heart Greenwich graduating class have been members of the community since preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, or first grade. These lifers, seniors Kathryn Allyn, Margot Butler, Quinn Butler, Clare Keeney, Juliette Guice, Stephanie Comer, Kristen Davis, Jodanna Domond, Lizzie Kupersmith, and Kayla Rolle, have witnessed many changes to the campus and shared many Lower, Middle, and Upper School experiences together. 
Whether it was cheering “Go Heart Go” at sporting events or participating in one of the many Sacred Heart traditions, each of these girls has formed lifelong memories. Kathryn cherished her experience playing on the varsity soccer team and winning the Fairchester Athletic Association championship. 

Sacred Heart lifers seniors Kathryn Allyn, Kayla Rolle, Quinn Butler, Stephanie Comer, Jodanna Domond, Margot Butler, Juliette Guice, Clare Keeney, Kristen Davis, and Lizzie Kupersmith at the Mater Society dinner. Courtesy of Ms. Haley Sonneland.

“Being in that atmosphere and being part of the team was one of the greatest moments of my life. Our whole community came out to support, and because of that it was more rewarding to win,” Kathryn said.
As lifers, these ten students are dedicated to the five Goals and Criteria of the Network of the Sacred Heart, which have guided them to become leaders of the Sacred Heart community.  
“‘Social awareness which impels to action’ is probably the most prominent goal in my life. Sacred Heart has taught me how important it is to be an active member of society and to make positive changes in the world,” Margot said.
The Goals and Criteria shape the education of a Sacred Heart student but also strengthen the meaning of a being a lifer. Lizzie values the importance of being a lifer because she is able to set an example for the younger students and the rest of the school.
The Mater Society Dinner is an opportunity for lifers to reflect on their high school experience and celebrate these memories with their fellow classmates and Head of School Mrs. Pamela Hayes.
As each of these girls heads off to college, they will experience a new school and many other changes for the first time in their academic careers. However, despite the changes throughout their time at Sacred Heart, Clare noticed that the bond with her fellow lifers strengthened through Upper School.
“Three of my best and closest friends are lifers with me, which just speaks to how strong my friendships I made 12 years ago still are today. Also, the Mater Society dinner was such a nice way for all of us to celebrate our friendships and look back at all the amazing memories we have from so many years at Sacred Heart Greenwich,” Clare said.
Assistant Head of Upper School and Academic Dean Mrs. Gail Casey shared her thoughts on the importance of a Sacred Heart education and how the community benefits from a lifer through each year of school.
The ten lifers at the Mater Society dinner. Courtesy of Ms. Haley Sonneland.

“[These students] have been influenced by the Goals and Criteria from a very young age and they have shared experiences from all the way back to Barat Center, which gives them a special bond. I believe that values such as the importance of community and giving back to others less fortunate become second nature to them, and those are the values that I am confident that they will carry with them to college,” Mrs. Casey said.
As these students leave the renowned halls of Sacred Heart Greenwich, which they have called home for their entire academic careers, they hope to cherish their memories and bring with them the values learned at Sacred Heart. While embarking on their separate college experiences, the lifers hope to remain connected to their entire graduating class and the rest of the Sacred Heart community. 
“[College] will be a chance to get out of my comfort zone and meet new people and hopefully make new friends that I will have for the rest of my life,” Margot said.
– Juliana Collins, Staff Writer