Humans of Sacred Heart – Laura Holland ’18

What was your inspiration behind the theme for this year’s school year: “Rise Up”?
“First, I was reflecting upon ideas or themes that have inspired me and what could bring inspiration to our Sacred Heart community. Then, I started to think of songs that mean a lot to me and have themes that would be applicable to our student body. Instantly, “Rise Up” by Andra Day came to mind. I urge everyone in the student body to listen to the song because it perfectly corresponds to Goal Three. Being socially aware is incredibly important to me. Through this theme, I want to emphasize that we must be informed to make a difference in society.”
What are you most excited for about this upcoming school year, as Student Body President?
“In my position as Student Body President, I am most excited to connect with more students. As a tri-varsity athlete, I get to meet so many incredible girls from other grades, which has stimulated beautiful friendships. As President, I have a greater opportunity to reach out and bond with more girls, listening to their needs and acting upon them. In the end, I simply want to give students the best high school experience possible within our Sacred Heart community.”
What is your personal favorite Sacred Heart tradition?
“Playing a sport each season, athletics are a major part of my Sacred Heart experience. I love being a part of a team. While playing volleyball, basketball, and track, I have found a love for big playoff games and Senior day traditions. I love hearing the roar of fans during a game and feeling so much support from friends, family, and even teachers. It’s so awesome having so much of your school community watching and supporting you. Also, I think Senior Day for each sport is an amazing tradition. I see so much love that the underclassmen have for their seniors and I love writing speeches recounting my favorite moments I shared with my teammates. Seeing upperclassmen enjoy their final moments on our team is always a memorable day. Now, in my final year as a Sacred Heart athlete, I am looking forward to what the underclassmen have in store for me and my fellow seniors.”
The King Street Chronicle thanks senior Laura Holland ’18 for her contributions to “Humans of Sacred Heart.”
Photo by Katie McCabe, News Editor
-Compiled by Katie McCabe, News Editor