Madrigals, Chorus, and Bell Choir ring in the new year with new members

Over the last two years, student interest in Sacred Heart Greenwich’s Upper School music programs has flourished. Through the leadership of Middle and Upper School Music Teacher and Upper School Music Director Miss Annette Etheridge and Bell Choir Director Ms. Danielle Gennaro ’05, the music groups have expanded over the past years with the addition of new events and students.

Upper School Chorus members, Sasha Rivera ’21, Natalie Dosmond ’21, DJ Green ’21, Mary Clare Marshall ’21, and Michaela Rogers ’21 learning a new song. Isabella Quinson ’20

Miss Etheridge conducts the Upper School Chorus, a freshmen choir, for anyone who would like the opportunity to perform. Recently, the choir has attracted the interest of new students, some of whom have never been a part of the music program at Sacred Heart. Last year, Chorus had a total of 15 students. This year the group has grown to reach a total of 27 students, the largest group Chorus has ever had.

Miss Etheridge explained how the expansion of Chorus is important for musical arts in the Upper School, as it prepares new singers for more advanced music groups, such as Madrigals. Additionally, many students in this year’s Chorus have worked with Miss Etheridge since fifth grade. She believes this has contributed to the growth of the music groups in the Upper School.

“I’m very excited about the size of the groups and the interest and enthusiasm the girls have shown so far,” Miss Etheridge said. “It is not only the size of the groups but also the quality of singers in each group. I have many talented singers, so I am looking forward to us having a strong year.”

Madrigals has also grown over the past two years. Fifteen girls from Chorus moved up to Madrigals, totaling 35 students in the group this year. The singers and Miss Etheridge have a strong commitment to the Madrigals group, meeting for rehearsals at 7:20 a.m. every other morning.

“I think this growth means we are going in the right direction in the music department. More people are becoming involved and are showcasing their passions,” senior and Madrigals captain Abby Leyson said. “I hope this growth means we will have more opportunities to show the work we do in and out of our community.”

Upper School students, Morgan Smith ’20, Kaitlin Reilly ’18, Julia Veber ’19, Anna Snopkowski ’19, Olivia Teklits ’19, and Caroline Featherston ’19, playing bells.
Isabella Quinson ’20

Ms. Gennaro conducts the Bell Choir, Les Grandes Cloches du Sacré Cœur, commonly referred to as “bells.”  When Ms. Gennaro started directing bells, she had very little to work with in terms of the popularity of the group, but it has grown, now with 25 students involved.

“I want bells to be a group that anyone can join, so the ability to read music is not a requirement, and now with the group’s expansion we have been able to make the music more advanced,” Ms. Gennaro said.

As a result of the expansion of bells, the group now performs in the Christmas Concert and Spring Concert. They also have a concert of their own in the spring that takes place in the theater. The choir also performs at the department store Neiman Marcus once a year during the Christmas season.