Humans of Sacred Heart – Olivia Lockwood ’21

How has the Sacred Heart Greenwich Peer Leadership program helped you this year?

“The Sacred Heart Greenwich Peer Leadership program has helped me a lot this year. It is so nice to have upperclassmen to talk to and ask questions. It is really nice, being new to the Upper School, to hear about how everything works and to find out what to do in the high school from somebody who went through it as well.

What do you enjoy most about participating in Sacred Heart’s Peer Leadership program?

“It is so much fun to just have a relaxing period, where you can talk about your day or get help with anything. It is also very comforting to know you have seniors in the hallway who know you and are always saying hello.”

What has been your favorite Peer Leadership memory so far?
“My favorite Peer Leadership memory is definitely when we did the scavenger hunt. It was so fun running around the school with my friends and Peer Leaders, especially because we got to have pizza. We definitely all got to bond because many of the activities required teamwork, which made everything very exciting.”

The King Street Chronicle thanks freshman Olivia Lockwood ’21 for her contributions to “Humans of Sacred Heart.”

Photo by Katie McCabe, News Editor
-Compiled by Katie McCabe, News Editor