"Humans of Sacred Heart" – Dr. Tyler Wadzinski


Which class are you teaching this year? What made you want to teach the subject?

“I’m teaching College Prep Chemistry this year. I suppose that I teach chemistry because I love chemistry! I’m fascinated by the molecules and chemical reactions all around us and within our bodies. As a teacher, I try my best to create a space where my students can become fascinated by chemistry, as well.”

How has your first year at Sacred Heart Greenwich been, so far?
“My first year at Sacred Heart has been fantastic. Throughout the whole year, I have been supported and encouraged by the administration and my fellow teachers — especially Dr. Castle! I owe them a huge thank you. However, I think it’s my students who have made the biggest impact on me so far. I am constantly impressed by their work ethic, and I’m constantly inspired by their curiosity and kindness.”
What has been your favorite memory from this school year, so far?
“My favorite memory so far has probably been the 10th-grade retreat to Sprout Creek Farm. It was a great day to stop and reflect in the middle of a busy semester, and I learned a lot about the workings of the farm. The chocolate ice cream was also good.”
The King Street Chronicle thanks Upper School Chemistry Teacher Dr. Tyler Wadzinski for his contributions to “Humans of Sacred Heart.”
Photo by Katie McCabe, News Editor
-Compiled by Katie McCabe, News Editor