Featured Alumna: Kathleen Spillane '11


Sacred Heart Greenwich alumna Miss Kathleen Spillane ‘11 is a role model for both current and past Sacred Heart broadcast journalism students. Miss Spillane’s journey from a student to an assistant segment producer for the National Broadcasting Company’s (NBC) talk show “Late Night with Seth Meyers” demonstrates the success that stemmed from her participation in Sacred Heart’s broadcast journalism program.
After graduating from Sacred Heart, Miss Spillane studied English at Dartmouth College. At Dartmouth College, she intended to pursue a career as a lawyer, but, however, she decided to change her career path. She began to work in broadcast journalism, her high school passion, according to cshgreenwich.org

Alumna Miss Kathleen Spillane ’11 with students involved in “Today From the Heart.” Courtesy of cshgreenwich.org.

Miss Spillane used the skills that she developed while working on Sacred Heart’s award-winning news show, “Today From the Heart,” as a platform to build her career.
“The broadcast program at Sacred Heart was instrumental in shaping my interest in and excitement for the media and entertainment industry,” Miss Spillane said. “I loved learning the principles of broadcast and working with my classmates and [Broadcast Journalism Studio Director and Broadcast Journalism Teacher] Ms. [Ellyn] Stewart to create public service announcements, documentaries, and ‘Today From the Heart’ broadcasts. It is such a unique experience to have in high school, and really formed my interest in one day working in the industry.” 
Miss Spillane developed the techniques she learned at Sacred Heart while working at the National Broadcast Company (NBC) Universal Page Program, a program that offers premier early development experience in the media. Through it, she was able to deepen her skills as a broadcast journalist and begin her job at “Late Night with Seth Meyers.”
“I started the Page Program in September of 2016, so I have been in the media industry for around a year and a half now,” Miss Spillane said. “As a Page, I was on assignment at both entertainment and news programs, and was given the opportunity to support various NBCUniversal properties and businesses.” 
Alumna Miss Kathleen Spillane ’11 speaking to the “Today from the Heart” class at Sacred Heart Greenwich. Courtesy of cshgreenwich.org.

Miss Spillane credits the support she receives from her family and friends as her source of motivation. She explained that her father taught her and her family an ethos of hard work and dedication to one’s profession.
Miss Spillane’s involvement in broadcast journalism at Sacred Heart also illustrates how the program can offer real-world experience. Miss Spillane’s career story continues to inspire Sacred Heart students to explore their passion for film and broadcast journalism. She is an example of how broadcast journalism students can use the techniques they learn in class to help start their careers.
“Miss Spillane is inspirational to Sacred Heart students because of her engaging personality, intelligence, and conscientiousness,” Ms. Stewart said. “Multiple students told me that they were inspired to pursue television work after Miss Spillane’s visit. She is an excellent example of a young alumna who is already making her mark in the media field.”
Miss Spillane recently spoke to Upper School broadcast journalism students, encouraging them to consider future careers about which they are passionate. She went on to tell the students that a class which she once considered an elective can transform into a career. 
“Miss Spillane demonstrates the potential future success that our students can have in the television world. Not only are her technical skills impressive, but Miss Spillane is a role model in the way in which she completes her work,” Ms. Stewart said. “Miss Spillane applies the same intelligence, charisma, and dedication she demonstrated as a student at Sacred Heart to her new career at NBC. The students were in awe of her enthusiasm, articulateness, and can-do spirit.
– Clementine Marcogliese, Staff Writer