Guide to Greenwich – Cupcakes


For this edition of Guide to Greenwich, I explored Greenwich and the surrounding areas to find the best cupcake for this year’s Valentine’s Day season.

Karina Badey ’19

MeMe’s Treats Bakery
MeMe’s Treats is located on Adams Street in Bedford Hills, New York. I arrived at the store at 1 p.m. while the store was busy with customers ordering desserts. The cashier greeted me warmly as I entered the store to see various sweet treats filling the wide display cases. 
MeMe’s Treats top their tasty vanilla cupcake with pink frosting.
Karina Badey ’19

From cookies and pies to bread and cheesecakes, the store’s menu has a variety of options to satisfy any palate. They also offer gluten-free alternatives to many of their pastries. Even better, each of their ingredients is homemade.
I purchased one of their delicious-looking vanilla cupcakes, topped with pink buttercream icing for $3.50. Freshly-made icing topped the yellow sponge cake and made for a scrumptious option.
The buttercream icing was incredibly rich and flavorful yet not excessively sweet. The vanilla sponge was slightly dry, but the icing balanced the texture and seemed to add moisture to the cake bottom. Additionally, the cupcakes were cold, as the shop stores them in a refrigerated case to preserve them throughout the day. Overall, the cupcake was satisfactory.
Karina Badey ’19

Beascakes Bakery

Next, I ventured to Beascakes Bakery located in the Armonk Town Center, at 3 p.m.  During this time, many customers were arriving for a late-afternoon snack, stopping for coffee and pastries or picking up cakes and larger orders.
Beascakes Bakery decorates their vanilla buttercream cupcake with white frosting and sprinkles.
Karina Badey ’19

One glass case contained Valentine’s Daythemed items, such as pink and white donuts and heart-shaped cookies. On the other side of the counter, they had a case displaying a variety of cupcakes. I decided to pick their vanilla buttercream cupcake to see how it compared to MeMe’s.
I purchased the cupcake for $2.75. The cake bottom was not dry, and it tasted delicious. The buttercream frosting was sweet and filled the center of the vanilla sponge, but it was also very light and tasted more like whipped cream. Regardless, the cupcake was a great, light snack that paired wonderfully with one of their iced lattes.
Karina Badey ’19

St. Moritz
Lastly, I arrived at St. Moritz, located at the bottom of Greenwich Avenue. I arrived near the end of the day, and hungry customers had nearly emptied out the display cases. Luckily, the shop still had vanilla cupcakes left. The vanilla cupcake featured smooth buttercream icing.
St. Moritz’s vanilla buttercream cupcake is this month’s winner of Guide to Greenwich.
Karina Badey ’19

St. Moritz has many delicious choices for any occasion. They carry breakfast and dinner options, as well as desserts, cakes, and pies. In addition, they also display many special Valentine’s Day themed snacks.
Although I purchased my vanilla cupcake late in the day, it still tasted fresh. The cake itself was very soft, and the icing was thick and flavorful, yet it did not overwhelm the rest of the cupcake. The pink buttercream smoothly topped the cupcake, making for the perfect balance of icing and cake. Overall, the snack was perfectly appetizing.
The winner of this February edition of Guide to Greenwich is St. Moritz’s vanilla cupcake. Its rich and creamy frosting perfectly balanced the vanilla sponge and served as the perfect snack.
– Karina Badey, Arts and Entertainment Editor