"Humans of Sacred Heart" – Mrs. Victoria Allen

How did you become the School Historian?
“I was looking for something to do after my husband’s death. I had worked in private girls’ schools for nearly 25 years, teaching both French and English at the upper school level. I had worked at [Convent of the Sacred Heart] 91st Street and decided to call over to Greenwich to see if they wanted any help. This was in 1993. At Greenwich, I worked as a volunteer in the Advancement Office, writing their newsletter. Having worked at 91st Street, I knew and loved the Sacred Heart ethos, so it was easy to fit in.”
How long have you been working at Sacred Heart Greenwich and have you always worked as the School Historian?
“When the School celebrated its 150th anniversary in 1998, they asked me to coordinate their archives and work on the big event, putting on an exhibit about the history. I did that and then stayed on. I am part-time and write weekly articles, help out with other writing, such as the School history, maintaining the Archives and anything else I can do. I have just finished working on a catalog for the Archives.”
What is your favorite historical fact about the Sacred Heart Greenwich community?
“I have many, but I suppose that I just love the story of my 95-year-old RSCJ friend, who as a very young nun in the 1940’s used to carry a young student who had polio and wore heavy, metal leg braces all the way up the stairs to the third floor of the mansion (Salisbury Hall). That really is something so typical about my experience at Sacred Heart: people helping each other and really living out the love of Jesus Christ. It touches my heart.”
“I have been at the School for 25 years now, and have been working in schools since 1965… a long time! How does time move so quickly? I sometimes wonder. I think it is doing what you love with people you can love and respect. I love the beauty of the school, the kindness of so many, the joy of seeing young people grow and flourish, the presence of a loving God that I feel here. A great place to be!”
The King Street Chronicle thanks Sacred Heart Greenwich’s School Historian Mrs. Victoria Allen for her contributions to “Humans of Sacred Heart.”
Photo by Katie McCabe, News Editor
-Compiled by Katie McCabe, News Editor