"Humans of Sacred Heart" – Libby Trimble ’20

Where did you go on exchange and for how long?

“I went to Dublin, Ireland and stayed there for two weeks.”

What was your favorite aspect of going on exchange?

“My favorite aspect was that the first week our exchange students had school and the second week they were on their midterm break, so I was able to see what their life was like inside and out of school.”

“Something else I liked was that during the time they had school, they were preparing for their grade’s musical of Sister Act, and the other exchanges and I had a lot of fun being able to see them act on stage.”

“This trip allowed me to gain some independence by traveling to a different country and having to take on my own responsibilities.”

What activity or sightseeing did you enjoy most?

“Our exchanges took us on a mini trip to see the Cliffs of Moher, in Clare. I have visited the Cliffs before but it is a place that you can never get tired of seeing. After returning home, we went into Dublin town at night and were able to see the River Liffey and the great view of Ireland that surrounded the bridge.”

The King Street Chronicle thanks sophomore Libby Trimble ’20 for her contributions to “Humans of Sacred Heart.”

Photo by Katie McCabe, News Editor

-Compiled by Katie McCabe, News Editor