Familiar faces at Washington University in St. Louis


The Sacred Heart community extends far beyond the Greenwich campus. Jade Cohen ‘17, Kelsey Donovan ’17, and Marion Murphy ’17 are three of many Sacred Heart Greenwich graduates who attend Washington University in St. Louis (WASHU).  Current senior Julia Herzig will join them next year as a freshman.

The Danforth Campus of Washington University is located in St. Louis, Missouri. Courtesy of www.wustl.edu

WASHU is a university located in St. Louis, Missouri, that offers majors in engineering, law, medicine, the arts, science, and many other subjects, according to wustl.edu.  The school’s mission statement is to discover and disseminate knowledge, and protect the freedom of inquiry through research, teaching and learning, according to wustl.edu.
After completing her freshman year at WASHU, Jade shared her thoughts on how her Sacred Heart education has impacted her college experience thus far.
“My experience at Sacred Heart helped shape me as both a student and a person,” Jade said.  “I have found that the most valuable aspect of my time at Sacred Heart was learning to give back and serve others, which is something I continue to do in college.”
Julia also shared her thoughts on how she values a Sacred Heart education.  Julia believes studying at Sacred Heart has taught her how to work with others and has helped her to develop effective study skills, both tools she will take with her to college. 
Jade also shared some advice for Sacred Heart graduates such as Julia who are attending WASHU next year.  
“Use the first semester to explore and take advantage of the many opportunities that Washington University has to offer. You might find a new interest or activity that you were not involved in at Sacred Heart,” Jade said.
Jade Cohen ’17, left, and Julia Herzig ’18, right, will be attending Washington University in St. Louis together this fall, along with other Sacred Heart alumnae. Sydney Kim ’20 

Jade feels that she has unique connections to her fellow Sacred Heart Greenwich graduates both at WASHU and throughout the world.  Her classmates from Sacred Heart serve as a support network, which Jade said will remain strong over the years.  Sacred Heart graduates keep in contact using resources such as Facebook, where the Class of 2017 created a Facebook group.
Julia is looking forward to moving to St. Louis and beginning school at WASHU and is grateful to have Sacred Heart graduates on campus with her.
“I know that having Sacred Heart Greenwich graduates at WASHU will impact my experience,” Julia said.  “While I am really excited to move to an entirely new part of the country and to meet new and diverse people, it will be nice to have familiar faces around to help adjust to my new environment.”
– Sydney Kim, Staff Writer
Featured image by Sydney Kim ‘20